Crysis Remastered Confirmed For PC, PS4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Crysis Remastered
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Lately, Crytek has been teasing news around Crysis. It all started with a tweet from the official Crysis Twitter account, which showed activity after almost four dormant years. The tweet made by the account read "Receiving Data", which doesn't mean a whole lot. However, this hinted toward EA considering to revive Crysis somehow.

The Crysis Twitter account has again tweeted stating, "Hey Nomad, you're still with us?" Now, at least I think that EA is onto something regarding Crysis. Before we can get our hopes high thinking that a new Crysis game could be in the works, it's important to look at a few things. A Resetera post suggested that Crytek has listed some job posting for an announced AAA game. The job roles include the following:

  • Sale Manager - Digital Stores
  • Rendering Engineer (Mobile)
  • Senior Rendering Engineer - RayTracing Specialist
  • Technical Director
  • System Designer
  • Technical Designer

All of these led up to an official confirmation from Crytek themselves stating a Crysis remaster is happening. The tweet reads, "CLOAK DISENGAGED You’ve been asking. You’ve been waiting. Today, that wait is over. It’s coming: Crysis Remastered on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and – for the very first time on the Nintendo Switch Platform."

As a long-time Crysis fan, I am really excited for the remaster. Additionally, the official Crysis Remastered website is also currently live.

The remaster of the game will bring some crazy graphical enhancements along with ray tracing features. The original Crysis was first released on PC and was then ported to PS3 and Xbox 360. Crytek is also working with the complany that ported The Witcher 3 for the Nintendo Switch to port Crysis Remastered on the handheld console. If the game happens to run smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, we can safely assume that Crytek has put some tremendous work into optimizing the game for modern hardware.

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