EA Might Have Just Teased A New Crysis Game

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The official Crysis Twitter account has surprisingly become active as it sent out a cryptic message earlier today. This is the first tweet that the Twitter account has made since 2016. It doesn't tell you anything about an upcoming Crysis game, but the activity on the account hints towards the possibility of some new Crysis game in development.

Some fans may consider it as an April Fool's message, but since the 1st of April is already long gone, we think that Crysis may be teasing the existence of Crysis 4.

Additionally, a new Crysis website was also put up not so long ago, however, it doesn't coincide with the Tweet's date. Nonetheless, given these incidents, it seems that there is some hope for a new game in the heavily acclaimed series.

A Crysis Remaster?

If not a new game in the series, Crytek could also consider remastering the original Crysis. This means we could again have the "Can your PC run Crysis" memes, or the game could be further optimized.

If at all the original Crysis gets a remaster, we can expect Crytek to implement all the latest graphical technologies like ray tracing, making the remaster taxing even on current hardware.

The Official Tweet

The silence has been broken after almost four years with a simple tweet stating "Receiving Data." Even though we cannot make out anything from these two words, the internet is already coming up with all kinds of theories and it's been quite interesting and humorous so far.

Recent Crysis Game

The most recent game in the Crysis trilogy was Crysis 3. The game released in 2013 and at the time, it again put many modern PCs to the test. However, it wasn't as punishing on hardware as the original Crysis. Despite that, the Cryengine 3 game engine has remained very popular in the game development environment.

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