Crowdfunding Campaign for The Zombie Bus Simulator is Now Live

Do you have what it takes to survive? Arteraction

If you're in the market for a new gaming experience, then look forward to the upcoming title from Arteraction. Dubbed as "The Zombie Bus Simulator," it offers a rather unique twist on the typical bus simulator genre by taking players on an epic adventure. If you like that premise then go ahead and show your support through its crowdfunding campaign, which is now live.

Through this campaign, the game development company hopes to have enough funds to make the game and release by the third quarter of 2024. In particular, most of the funds to be raised are planned to be used to bring in more 3D artist to bring those human and dinosaur zombies to life.

Survive in the Bus

In the game, you're transported to a world that's filled not only with monstrous creatures but also dinosaur zombies. The missions to have your very own bus company and manage it. Considering the situation you are in, it's clear that this isn't your usual bus company. This is a business that's all about survival and upgrading the bus is crucial to its success. You can do a lot of things like improving the performance by upgrading the engine. You can also put in a wide range of powerful weapons and turn it into a formidable war machine that can destroy anything in its path.

Find a Safe Route

Like with other bus simulator games, the game has players come up with their own bus routes. The only difference is that you need to make sure that the said routes are safe. That means going out on mission to determine the level of danger present in each of the routes before sending the buses out. It is this element of exploration that adds that twist to the game and is sure to keep players engaged.

Immersive Driving Experience

Another interesting feature of the game is the planned compatibility with steering wheel controllers. This should let players have that realistic and immersive driving experience. Enhancing the overall gameplay is the attention to detail where players are put right in the driver's seat as they travel across dangerous and zombie-infested environments.

Support The Zombie Bus Simulator and learn more about it here.

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