Can You Escape the Horror that is the Gore Doctor?

Face the horror of a demented doctor. Salient Games

Developer Salient Games has released new info for its upcoming immersive horror game Gore Doctor. The studio has released its second development diary to share more about what's been happening for the game.

Gore Doctor is a game where players find themselves in the institute of a tormented doctor. Driven by desperation, the doctor has made the decision to defy ethical boundaries in an effort to save his wife, Scarlett, from a deadly illness. However, as his wife begins to succumb further to her fate, the doctors descend more into madness and now is convinced that the only respite is death.

Face the Horrors

In the game, players need to navigate the nightmarish corridors of this institute as they face grotesque horrors and uncover dark secrets. The question that remains is whether they can escape with their lives intact.

Indeed, the game doesn't simply let players face your typical horror foes but also confront their deepest fears. The experiment that the tormented doctor has been doing takes them to a nightmarish landscape where each shadow hides a new horror. With the line between reality and nightmare being blurred, players are sure to question even their sanity as they navigate this psychological labyrinth.

Progress Update

What's been happening then with the game development? The studio shared in a post that it's progressing well with the team hard at work creating an experience that they hope leaves players not only haunted but also exhilarated. For this immersive horror experience, players can look forward to the gruesome visuals and the bone-chilling soundscapes. By the way, the studio also revealed that they're working on a Steam Deck version.

The studio went on to say that as they continue to work on the game, they're feeling both excitement and dread on what the game is set to unleash on the horror fans community. They went on to say that they want to experience an experience that's not only about traditional horror buy putting "players into the depths of a nightmarish psyche."

Gore Doctor is coming to the PC via Steam early next year. A demo of the game is available where you can experience the horror before the full release.

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