Crossout: Dronapocalypse Update Invites Players to Join the Waderkvarn Stash Event

Dronapocalypse 2023
Dronapocalypse 2023 Targem Games

A couple of amazing events are now happening in the post-apocalyptic MMO action game Crossout. The Dronapocalypse update not only kick-started the titular epic annual brawl but also invites players to join the Waderkvarn Stash event.

What Is It?

The Waderkvarn Stash event is open to all Crossout players. Event experience points can be earned by completing special challenges available every single day.

That said, all players can get the following rewards for free just by leveling up:

  • Access to the production of a new weapon: laser revolver “Athena” (as well as its upgraded version)
  • Containers with resources
  • Certain stickers, decor, and paint
  • Engineer badges
  • 50 in-game coins

On top of that, players who have purchased the Waderkvarn Stash Pack will receive additional rewards, including:

  • Already produced and tradable parts
  • New CK “Ragnarok” for the grenade launcher “Retcher”
  • Additional 550 in-game coins
  • Additional paints, stickers and decor
  • Ability to produce certain parts during the event
  • For each subsequent level, starting from 36, you will receive the nailgun “Summator” as a reward. Nailguns can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench, as well as sold or used in upgrades

The Waderkvarn Stash Pack costs $9.99 for those who are interested. Both the event and the stash pack will be available until April 16.

New Weapon

The Dronapocalypse update includes a new weapon that players can put on their vehicles called the Athena. This is a new legendary laser revolver that fires bursts of seven laser beams that heat up enemy parts on hit. Each cylinder contains four charges and once all of them are fired, the weapon will reload automatically.

If all of the beams from the burst hit the target, the last beam will deal additional blast damage.

Those who want to get their hands on the Athena must get it quickly because this weapon can only be produced during the Waderkvarn Stash event. Athena’s blueprint can be unlocked upon reaching Level 35 on the Waderkvarn Stash Pack. This weapon requires the following materials to craft:

  • 1,600 Scrap Metals
  • 1,250 Electronics
  • 1,800 Copper
  • 1,800 Batteries


  • Weekly Challenges
    • Now these challenges can be completed in any raids of the specified difficulty, without being connected to a specific resource.
    • Challenges for victory in raids became a part of the single chain.
    • The first challenge of the chain has become easier, so the reward in badges for completing it has decreased.
    • The reward for the second challenge is higher.
    • The total number of badges awarded for completing both challenges has not changed.
  • Other
    • Added new vehicle blueprints for AI opponents (3,500 to 4,000 PS).
  • Added the ability to break glass windows on a number of locations:
    • Peaceful atom.
    • Assault Force garage.
    • Engineer garage.
    • Old Engineer garage.
  • During the battle on the map “Nameless tower,” in certain weather conditions, all attentive survivors will notice a pleasant surprise.
  • Improved a number of environmental objects in the Old engineer garage.

Crossout Dronapocalypse update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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