Crossout: The Deadly Co-Driver Hertz Now Available in Polar Lights Update

New Co-Driver: Hertz
New Co-Driver: Hertz Steam

Crossout Polar Lights Update is now available on all supported platforms. This major content patch brings a new co-driver that has a penchant for destroying things.

Hit Them Where It “Hertz”

For those who don’t know, co-drivers in Crossout provide players with skills that buff certain aspects of their vehicles. That said, Hertz is a new co-driver now available in the game.

Hertz has a unique talent that increases the damage done by energy weapons to the enemy vehicle’s cabin, hardware, weapons, and movement parts by 30%. The downside here is that energy weapons deal 30% reduced damage to other parts.

He has some pretty good passive skills as well. For instance, the speed and distance needed for players to activate perks and bonuses are reduced by 20%.

New Seasonal Parts

New parts are also up for grabs in the Polar Lights Update. The new Gungnir is a machine gun that becomes quite deadly as it heats up. That’s because its unique perk reduces the weapon’s rate of fire and bullet spread by up to 16% and 80%, respectively. This means that while the weapon fires a bit slower when heating up, its bullet spread is tighter, allowing players to hit their enemies where it hurts with each shot.

On the other hand, the “Nothung” machine gun works differently in that the first five shots fired after the weapon has cooled down deal 100% more damage.


  • Talent:
    • Activation: The talent charges when the armored vehicle moves at a speed higher than 80% of its maximum speed. The next shot at the enemy made from an energy weapon after a full charge activates the talent.
    • Effect: increases the damage of energy weapons to the cabin, hardware, weapons and movement parts by 30%, but reduces the damage to other parts by the same percentage.
  • Passive Skills
    • Protective field durability: +20%. Affects all parts that generate protective fields: “Nova,” “Aegis-Prime,” and “Barrier IX.”
    • Heating rate from enemy weapons reduced by 40%.
Other Co-Drivers
  • Falcon
    • The talent now charges for 3 sec. (instead of 2 sec. earlier)
  • Yuki
    • Now, to activate the talent, you need to score 2 points (instead of 4 points before).
  • Track “Sleipnir”
    • Rarity: epic.
    • PS: 370.
    • Max. speed: 80 km/h.
    • Tonnage: +1,650 kg.
    • Cabin power: -20%.
    • Features:
    • 25% resistance to bullet damage;
    • 50% resistance to melee damage;
    • 65% resistance to fire damage.
    • Durability: 500 pts.
    • Mass: 340 kg.
  • Cabin “Huginn”
    • Type: heavy.
    • Rarity: epic.
    • PS: 1500.
    • Maximum cabin speed: 67 km/h.
    • Tonnage: 7,700 kg.
    • Mass limit: 17,000 kg.
    • Adds energy: 11 pts.
    • Durability: 460 pts.
    • Mass: 2202 kg.
    • Perk: when the weapon overheats, the cabin accumulates charges each of which reduces the cooling time of all weapons by 35%. Each charge is active until the weapon cools down. Stacks up to three times.

So, what can you say about the new parts? Are you going to use Hertz once you’ve unlocked him?

Crossout Polar Lights Update is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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