Crossfire: Warzone Sudden Breach Update Now Live

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The latest update for Crossfire: Warzone is now live. The Sudden Breach Update revitalizes and reinvents how new and veteran players can interface, expand, and charge into combat. There is also a comprehensive procession of events along with competitive feature updates, and of course, QoL improvements.

Sudden Breach reveals the journey to track down and fight “Breaker.” This enemy commander is one who incessantly directs the attacks of a venerable army of plague-ridden shock troops from very early on in the game.

This new update also overhauls the previous early game “grind” through a new combat-fueled showcase which consists of seven Chapters and 70 Battles, including four tutorial stages. In addition, there are exclusive Officer introductions, interactions, roles (Specialties), Skills, and Stats to be utilized and make Sudden Breach even more immersive.

Here are some of the things that arrived with this new update:

  • Sudden Breach: Stage-Clear PVE Feature
    • Use up to 4 Officers, all with their own dedicated weapons and specialties.
    • Various strategies can be utilized depending on the assigned Leader and Officers.
    • Up to 3 Stars Points can be achieved per stage.
    • Rewards are given based on the Star Points reached.
    • Dive into the Sudden Breach story by clearing chapters.
    • Sudden Breach can be accessed via the Covert Ops building.
  • Addition of Exclusive Officer Stats and Skills just for Sudden Breach
    • The Recruitment UI has been modified to incorporate the additional Sudden Breach information.
  • ​Special Sudden Breach Mode
    • Play Special Stages with specified Officers for a limited time.
  • ​Changes to Early-Stage Game Progression
    • Along with the addition of Sudden Breach, some significant changes to early game progress have been applied.
    • The majority of buildings within the Base are unlocked by participating in Sudden Breach:
      • Vehicle Plant/ Depot
      • Helicopter Plant/ Heliport
      • Academy/ Barracks
      • Embassy
      • Workshop


  • Improvements to the Arena
    • Decrease in Penalty for Repeat Challenges.
    • Penalty rate applies when repeatedly attempting to Challenge a Commander that was not initially defeated.
      • Before: 50% to 70% to 100%
      • Now: 50% to 100%
  • Improved Development Guide for Building Upgrades
  • Improved New Commander Shield Buff
    • The New Commanders' Shield buff has a time limit applied regardless of their Commander Post Level for increased protection.
    • ​This new version of the buff allows new Commanders to Scout and Attack Scavenger Corps without the Shield being withdrawn.

Learn more about the new update here. Crossfire: Warzone is available on Android and iOS.

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