Dota 2: Crystal Maiden and Disruptor Receives Buff in Update 7.31d; Marci Now in Captains Mode

Hello there Marci!
Hello there Marci! Twitter/@wykrhm

Dota 2 Update 7.31d has arrived and there are indeed a lot of interesting changes. What we'll do is pick some highlights for support and carry heroes that received buffs and nerfs. Let's start by saying that with Marci now added to Captains Mode, it's going to be interesting to see how teams utilize this hero.

That said, Marci received changes in this new update, which are:

  • Unleash
    • Cooldown decreased from 110/90/70 to 100/80/60
  • Dispose
    • Throw distance reduced from 350 to 300
    • Fixed thrown enemies being able to cast spells for 1 frame before being stunned.

Rally the Support

Since we're a bit biased on support heroes, we'll begin there. Crystal Maiden got her base strength lowered by one but she's still a good hero to pick since the cast range for Frostbite has been increased to 600 and the slow duration of Crystal Nova increased to five seconds.

Clockwerk can now eliminate creep waves faster with Battery Assault dealing double damage to creeps. A rather big buff is for Disruptor whose Static Storm has been increased from five to six seconds.

Enigma is going to have things a bit harder at the early game with the cooldown for Demonic Conversion increased from 50/45/40/35 to 60/52/44/36.

Grimstroke players may also not like the changes done to the hero. The radius of Ink Swell has been lowered to 375 while its cooldown is increased to 30/26/22/18.

Carry the Game

Let’s move on to the carry heroes and one big change is on Dragon Knight. For starters, his base agility has been reduced by three, which is going to have an impact on attack speed. Meanwhile, the Shard effect on his Fireball has been nerfed, with duration reduced from 10 to 8 seconds and the AoE lowered from 450 to 350.

Another hero you need to keep an eye on is Ember Spirit. While his base strength has been increased from 21 to 22, the case range of Sleight of Fist is lowered from 700 to 650. That's a bit painful for the hero.

Luna got a good deal with her Lucent Beam damage now up from 75/150/225/300 to 80/160/240/320. Her Level 25 Talent is improved from +0.2 seconds Eclipse Lucent Ministun to 0.25 seconds.

What about you? Which hero changes did you like the most? You can view the rest of the changes here. You can also read about the changes done to items and the new features of Dota Plus, like the Battle Report.

Dota 2 is available on PC.

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