Crossfire: Legion Update 1.2 Introduces New Tanks for Each Faction

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Twitter/@CF_Legion

Crossfire: Legion, the futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Blackbird Interactive, has received a new patch that introduced new tanks for each faction.

Three new tanks have been added in Update 1.2. The Yeoman is a light tank for the Global Risk faction equipped with a reliable anti-air missile system. This vehicle is upgradable, giving it the ability to fire across greater distances at the cost of being immobile.

Players who prefer using the Black List faction should try their hands on the new Rhino tank. What makes this heavy tank a deadly force is that it can enter stealth to ambush its prey. Plus, the Rhino’s first attack from stealth deals significant damage! Its ability can surprise unsuspecting foes with careful planning and some patience.

True to the New Horizon’s philosophy of impeccable defense, the Arachne is a new heavy tank in Crossfire: Legion that primarily functions as an anti-air unit. This heavy hybrid artillery tank can be upgraded with the ability to designate a target AoE from long range, unleashing a barrage of missiles against ground units that foolishly enter the targeted region.

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Steam

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Patch Notes

  • Torrent
    • Fight over a critical sector that is divided by the Cheong-Lim Canal. Use the ample high ground to your advantage and secure the numerous choke points as you advance across the map towards your foe.
  • Black List
    • Crocodile: Visual fix to Scorch ability
  • Global Risk
    • Gladiator: Updated material cost to 150
  • New Horizon
    • New Horizon units will no longer pick up med kits if they are at max health
    • Siren: Singularity ability duration changed back to 5 from 8 seconds
    • Icarus: Updated unit speed to 9 from 8.5
    • Lycan: Jump ability will no longer freeze when using the jump ability
    • Hyperion: Saturation bombing will no longer be interrupted when issuing a movement order
  • Maps
    • Labyrinth: Fixed some of the various art, invisible obstacles and collisions
    • Predator: Fixed some of the various art issues
    • Blacksite: Various art fixes
  • Campaign
    • Mission 3: Freefall hacking ability behavior fixed on enemy turrets
    • Mission 4: Players will no longer get blocked after restarting at the second checkpoint
    • Mission 7: Fixed mouse issues occurring after post screen
    • Mission 8: Various art fixes
    • Mission 9: Behemoth's mass teleport ability will now always unlock when intended
    • Mission 13: The scepter properly unloads the units on this mission
  • Game Modes
    • Battlelines: Issues with unit spawning have been addressed
    • Battlelines: Players can now choose commanders properly after completing a game of Battlelines

Crossfire: Legion Update 1.2 is available on PC.

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