Crossfire: Legion Update 1.3 Introduces Map Maker and Third Act of the Campaign

Update 1.3
Update 1.3 Twitter/@CF_Legion

Players of the real-time strategy game Crossfire: Legion will have their hands full with the latest patch. That’s because Update 1.3 introduces the new map-making tool and the third act of the campaign.

Campaign Act III

Campaign Act III
Campaign Act III Steam

Developer Blackbird Interactive released Campaign Act III for Crossfire: Legion. This new act consists of four new missions focusing on New Horizon’s role in the ongoing conflict between Black List and Global Risk factions.

For the uninitiated, New Horizon is a syndicate of corporations specializing in AI technology. That said, players can storm in and clear enemy positions even if they’re heavily outnumbered, thanks to the New Horizon Commanders’ AI-augmented abilities and the faction’s durable weaponry.

The third act of the campaign lasts for approximately three hours, filled with instances where players need to fully utilize all of their assets to win.

Map Maker

New Feature: Map Maker
New Feature: Map Maker Steam

Another notable addition in Update 1.3 is the new Map Maker. This tool allows players to create a fully functional multiplayer/skirmish map that they can publish on the Steam Workshop.

Players can tweak a lot of parameters in the Map Maker, including:

  • Map size
  • Playable area, buildable and pathable areas
  • Camera bounds
  • Map themes and lighting
  • Ramps and levels
  • Many many decals
  • Unit stats
  • Resource nodes
  • Power-up drop locations
  • Player spawn-point locations
  • Buildings
  • Fog and Wind
  • Audio cues
  • Abysses

Because of how exhaustive this feature is, it’s important that players read the user manual to make the most out of the Map Maker.

New Air Units

New Air Units
New Air Units Steam

Each of the three factions in Crossfire: Legion received new air units in Update 1.3. The Broadsword is a new gunship for the Global Risk faction that can launch effective attacks against stationary targets. Plus, this ship gains a temporary speed boost once upgraded; perfect for hit-and-run attacks.

The Locust is an unmanned drone specifically made for the Black List group. This unit seeks aerial targets and then self-destructs on impact. Players can utilize the Locust’s explosion to bring down enemy heavy aircraft units.

And last but not least, the New Horizon’s Griffin unit is a light aircraft that excels in air-to-air combat. Although it deals a considerable amount of damage, it does suffer from a low fire rate. Players must devise their strategies accordingly to utilize the Griffin to its fullest extent.

Crossfire: Legion Update 1.3 is available on PC.

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