Crossfire: Legion Roster System Improved in Latest Update

Update 1.5 Blackbird Interactive

A new update was deployed for the real-time strategy game Crossfire: Legion not long ago. Update 1.5 has improved the roster system, bringing its total slots to 10 units.

What does this mean? In each roster, there is now a dedicated commander slot and three slots for each unit type category, such as infantry, vehicle/tank, and air units.

While there are plenty of tank/vehicle units to add to your roster, Crossfire: Legion currently does not have many infantry and air units to fill their third slots. So, for now, the developers allow you to add the same unit to complete the roster. For example, if you like using T1 infantry instead of T2, you can use the T1 unit to complete the roster.

Update 1.5 also includes game improvements. For one, you can now get experience from finishing the game, which entices you to complete the campaign until the credits are rolling. Furthermore, the screen is now in sync with the minimap, so the elements that you see on your screen will be reflected on the minimap in real time.

Update 1.5 Blackbird Interactive

You can find the other changes below:


  • The cutscenes now appear consistently during the campaign
  • Victory payload container has now a truck model in it
  • The player can now surrender in a 4 player game with 1 A.I.
  • The defeat screen will not disappear for the player who is defeated in a game which has over 2 teams
  • The game's host can promote another player to be host during the countdown screen
  • Optimal mineral gathering workers setup has been returned to 10/10
  • The A.I. will no longer become unresponsive if blocked from fulfilling a build order


  • The Locust no longer deals AoE damage only with its Final Surge ability active
  • Chameleon's Liquefaction ability now also slows allied units
  • The Scarab's Extra Firepower ability no longer remains active after the Scarab has been picked up by a transport unit
  • The Paladin's Heal Infantry ability ends after the Paladin has been picked up by a transport unit
  • Rhino's Ghost Kit Ambush ability no longer remains active after the unit has been picked up by a transport unit
  • The Stingray's Ghost Sphere ability no longer remains active while the Stingray is carried by a transport unit
  • The Phalanx's Hull Down ability no longer remains active after the unit is picked up by the Scepter transport unit
  • Researching the Fire Ant's Flame Injectors no longer lowers its range
  • Arachne do not detect units in stealth any longer
  • The Grenade trooper unit will no longer cancel its deploy launcher ability when the players press the A hotkey

User Interface

  • The GR trooper animation displays normally when chosen by the player
  • Friends list members are now properly rendering their in game status
  • Punctuation is now consistent in the Spider Web ability unlock info prompt title within the Vehicle Assembly building
  • Hold Fire description scales properly if the player hovers over it while toggling it

Crossfire: Legion Update 1.5 is available on PC.

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