CrossCode Physical Copies For PS4 And Switch Have Been Delayed To October 20 In North America

It will also release late for Europe, on September 15.
ININ Games has pushed back the physical release of CrossCode for PS4 and Switch.
ININ Games has pushed back the physical release of CrossCode for PS4 and Switch. ININ Games

CrossCode physical copies have been hit with a delay. Publisher ININ Games has announced that the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch physical edition releases of the Radical Fish-developed CrossCode will be delayed from its previously announced August 28 release to September 15 for Europe and October 20 for North America.

For those who don’t know, CrossCode is an action adventure role-playing game that pays homage to the classic RPGs of the 90’s with its gameplay, and SNES games for graphics. Players assume the role of Lea, a player in a virtual reality game called CrossWorlds. CrossWorlds a virtual reality-based MMORPG simulator where players of different classes battle it out for supremacy. Lea is a player who has lost her memory and is now in the process of uncovering it within the game with the help of a bunch of colorful characters.

CrossCode is played from a top-down 2D perspective. The combat mostly consists of beating virtual mobs with Lea’s VRP (Virtual Ricochet Projectiles), care of her in-game class, the Spheromancer. She is also equipped with movement abilities such as dashes and the ability to climb onto platforms. Her VRP can be charged for accuracy and damage or spammed for better rate of fire. The game’s downtime takes place mostly in the in-game Hub where players can take up quests to level up their skills and upgrade their weaponry. Certain items, upgrades, and critical story points are stored behind a difficulty barrier, so it is essential to keep practicing and taking quests to improve further.

Level-wise, CrossCode boasts seven unique and expansive areas, each filled with its own secrets and enemy types (120 enemy types are featured, along with over 30 boss fights). Each area also has its respective dungeons that contain puzzles to be solved using Lea’s spheres and movement. Finally, perhaps what makes CrossCode tick so much is its faithful, almost nostalgic feel with its great music tracks and gorgeous art style.

Initially released in 2018 for the PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam, CrossCode has since received warm critical reception for its efforts. Recently, it also launched for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch digitally on July 9. Those who want physical copies will have to hold out a little bit longer thanks to the new delay.

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