'Creativerse' Review: A Robust Set Of Tools Needs A Robust Community

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Creativerse is much more than a basic Minecraft clone
Creativerse is much more than a basic Minecraft clone Playful

Creativerse may look like a Minecraft rip-off at first glance, and there are a ton of similarities between the two games. However, thanks to a robust set of construction tools and a smart sharing system, Creativerse has managed to step out of Minecraft’s shadow and into the light as its own game.

Like Minecraft, players in Creativerse create a world and come into it with nothing. After exploring for a bit and collecting resources, players can unlock blueprints to create more complex structures. This means upgrading weapons and tools to get rare resources that can be used to make even more powerful weapons and tools. You’ll know what to expect if you’ve played other survival games like ARK or Rust.

This resource gathering also allows players to craft additional objects like walls, floors, carpets, teleporters, logic gates and just about everything else. This means players can design and build elaborate structures and even objects that can be programmed. While the basic gameplay doesn’t do much to innovate on the genre, it at least works on par with the other major names in the scene.

What really sets Creativerse apart from the rest are the Adventures and the social aspect of the game. Adventures are player-created missions shared online for everyone to play. These range from basic missions where you walk around and complete simple tasks to full-on games, working pinball tables, escape-the-room type quests and many more.

To access an Adventure, simply click on “Adventures” in the main menu, and you’ll be brought to a window where you can sort by what’s popular, featured missions and more. You can also search for Adventures by name or look up an Adventure’s creator to see if that person has made any others.

Like any game that heavily features levels created by players, there are going to be some hits and some major misses. I suggest filtering by the most popular first to try out some of the better Adventures first before diving in and finding others. Some creators have used Creativerse to create complex games with multiple checkpoints and objectives, while others don’t really do much at all.

However, just like any game that relies on community-created content, you need a community to create the content. Can you imagine how dull Super Mario Maker would be if there weren’t thousands of people uploading amazing Mario levels? Thankfully, Creativerse has managed to attract a sizable audience while working its way through Early Access on Steam, and has grown even bigger since the game officially launched earlier this month. Only time will tell if the community will stick around, but for right now, there’s a pretty active group creating new Adventures to go on.

Additionally, players can share their created worlds with others. This is similar to creating a server on Minecraft, with players all jumping into one game and working together to build something. Joining another player’s world is incredibly easy; all you have to do is find it by searching for it, then join with a single click.

Creativerse is also a free-to-play game on Steam, with very little in the way of aggressive monetization. Players can unlock everything through play, but can buy rare resources or even full building kits from the in-game store with coins. These kits are pretty cool, basically giving players a walkthrough to build off of to make complex structures like a tree house or castle. They aren’t required, but if you are like me and have no idea how to even get started making a cool Wild West fort, they can provide a helpful guide.

Creativerse is a well-built game and features powerful tools that can allow for elaborate structures, but will need continued support from players for the game to succeed. As of right now, the player count is well into the millions, so the future looks bright. If Creativerse can maintain and build on this community, things will only improve.

So what do you think? Are you interested in giving Creativerse a try? What other crafting/survival games have you played? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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