Creative Dn8 Launching a Kickstarter Campaign for Grey Lines Next Year

Grey Lines
A new game is in the works. Creative Dn8

Independent development studio Creative Dn8 announced is launching launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2024. This is to fund their game titled as Grey Lines. This third-person action conspiracy game is planned to be released for the PC on Steam.

Grey Lines is a gripping action-investigation game where the decisions you make carry weight and blurs the lines between right and wrong. You'll need to navigate through moral ambiguity as you face global conspiracy while taking on high-stakes missions which involve espionage, corruption, and war crimes.

The game has you take on the role of one of three unique characters, with each one having their own storylines, abilities, and moral dilemmas. They are:

  • Anna: A skilled CIA agent having abilities in infiltration, disguise, and espionage.
  • John: An Interpol officer who can arrest, interrogate, and gather evidence.
  • Vic: A Special Forces soldier who uses brute force with firepower and tactical tools at his disposal.

Get to experience intense action as you make use of tactics, stealth, and combat skills, on a wide range of global locations. It's a game where you get to shape a compelling story instead of simply playing a conventional game. Features of a game include:

  • Narrative-Driven Gameplay
    • Your choices influence the story with a focus on dilemmas like rule-breaking, trust, and truth sacrifices.
  • Intense Action
    • Experience high-stakes missions with tactical shooting, stealth, and strategic maneuvers against enemies.
  • Dynamic Characters
    • Play as unique personas of either spy, investigator, or soldier.
    • The shifting perspectives allow for diverse gameplay styles.
  • Immersive World
    • Unreal Engine introduces stunning and detailed global locations to life and enhances the visual appeal of the game.
  • Engaging Experience
    • The game offers an active role in shaping a gripping narrative, surpassing standard gaming experiences.

If you're excited about this one, you can wishlist it on Steam now. You can also sign up for Kickstarter to be notified once the campaign kicks off.

Founded by Emmanuel Rosemont and Estelle Bordier, Creative Dn8 is a digital creative lab that develops immersive experiences at the intersection of technology and creativity. The studio is driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and creating captivating digital gems and games. The journey of the studio started with coming up with innovative immersive Unreal Engine creations which eventually lead to the inception of their debut project which is Grey Lines.

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