Image Power Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Console Edition of Creature Lab

Some exciting news.
Some exciting news. Image Power

Image Power has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the additional resources needed to expand Creature Lab. The main goal of the campaign is to port the game to console platforms PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The minimum goal is set at $7,376 with the campaign scheduled to end January 10.

Once the main goal is reached, there will be stretch goals that include:

  • Additional language versions.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Player's assistant Igor.
  • Nine new limbs.
  • Four new base memories.
  • Free Creature Lab Darkweb App for phone.
  • Simplified and turn-based tactical combat.

In a statement, Vice President Piotr Figarski revealed that they've put a lot of work and creative energy in the game. Once it goes live on January 19, PC players are sure to love the new and unique experience that it offers. Since it was important to make sure the game can be accessed on every popular platform, a release to the console was a given. Figarski shared that since the game is in its final form, any additional work would mean going over the budget. He added that they hope the Kickstarter campaign will be successful so that they can work on some of the new features.

In the game, players are put on the difficult path of a genius, one where they take on the role of a wicked scientist that has a rather liberal approach when it comes to test subjects and official procedures. Before starting things, players need to establish their hideout where they can conduct those crazy experiments.

Features of the game are:

  • First-person mad scientist simulator.
  • Complex resource and inventory management.
  • A strategy element - plan raids on the city and prepare for encounters with the military.
  • Thousands of different mutagens to discover - you name them all.
  • Unique body parts to grow and attach to your test subjects.
  • A unique fear mechanic that lowers the chance of your hideout being discovered.
  • Single-player campaign mode.
  • Endless replayability with new substances every time you play.

Check out the complete details of the Kickstarter campaign. What do you think? Excited to see the game launched on more platforms?

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