Crawling Now Possible in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Thanks to New Experimental Feature

Update 1.20.10 Mojang Studios

Good news! A new experimental feature was officially added to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition via Update 1.20.10 that allows you to crawl in tight spaces.

Crawling in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is quite similar to short sneaking except you need to be in a 1x1 block instead of a 1.5 block. In a previous snapshot, you'd have to do some elaborate things like digging up a hole and making a trap door just to put yourself in the crawling animation. But in Update 1.20.10, things are simplified. Now, all you have to do is crouch in a 1x1 block space to immediately get in a crawling position.

Here are the other things you need to know about the new crawling mechanic:

  • Crawling is the same speed as sneaking
  • Players will automatically stand up or begin sneaking if they leave the 1 block gap
  • Players will begin swimming if they enter water while crawling, or vice-versa
  • Player's model is now centered around their hitbox when swimming
  • Players will now always spawn projectiles from the camera position when sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Players will now spawn particle effects when eating in the correct position if they are sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Loyalty Tridents will always return to the player's camera
  • Players will no longer be stuck inside Cauldrons or Composters when crawling inside with a Trapdoor
  • The paper doll will now show up properly when crawling
  • Fixed an issue where gliding or swimming could sometimes give the player an incorrect bounding box

Another nifty experimental feature introduced in Update 1.20.1 is recipe unlocking. When enabled, collecting materials will now give you relevant recipes that you have not unlocked before. Picking an item up teaches you how to craft that item as well. This feature is quite useful, especially when a friend gives you a tool you haven't crafted before.



  • Improved the Xbox on-screen keyboard experience, including better positioning, updating fields with typed input, and no more screen dimming while on screen keyboard is open
  • Added a toggle to all platforms enabling extra-large GUI scaling beyond what the GUI slider allows
  • Text-to-speech now reads item names when selecting items in the hotbar


  • An error message is now shown when attempting to upload a cross-platform restricted world to Realms, instead of uploading a corrupted world
  • The focus indicator no longer auto selects the Find Friend button when the Members tab is selected

User Interface

  • Added support for detecting Brazilian Portuguese as the preferred system language on Nintendo Switch
  • Horse and Donkey jump bar, and camel dash bar, now scale properly to the experience bar
  • Changed the Pause Menu disconnection text to be platform agnostic
  • Fixed an issue that caused the inventory to get locked up after auto placing (MCPE-46795)
  • Imported worlds now get their last played date modified to the time they were imported
  • Reordered the gamepad tooltips for UI screens so that the buttons align with the same side as a controller

So, what can you say about the new features added to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in Update 1.20.10?

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