Counterpact November 28 Update: Objective Points and Balancing Adjustments

Counterpact November 28 Update
Counterpact November 28 Update Steam

The developers of Counterpact released a new update focused on mode-related objectives and balancing adjustments.

Mode-Related Objectives

Now, completing mode-related objectives will award players with points. In Power Struggle and Dual Power Struggle, players present in the capture zone are rewarded with one point each, upon its capture. In Capture the Flag, players who initially grabbed the flag will receive one point and the player who captures the flag will receive another point. In a situation where the same player initially grabs and captures the flag, they will receive two points.

Balancing Adjustments

In the latest update, the developers made balancing adjustments to improve the overall gameplay experience. Players are now required to make three captures - the default goal - in Capture the Flag. Also, flags that are dropped in or next to an elimination zone are reset instantly.

Counterpact November 28 Update

Bug Fixes
  • More networking adjustments.
  • Shutting down a server while a player is holding a flag no longer causes a fatal error.
  • Fixed Soul Crusher's description incorrectly stating it has a shorter attack delay.
  • Shazia Doll now has animations.
  • Added a Spawn Area map entity.
  • Spawn Areas allow players to freely switch characters or change their arsenals, just as they could if they were standing next to their fountain.
  • Added a No-Warden Area map entity.
  • No-Warden Areas prevent players from spawning Wardens while touching the area.
  • The decoration boundaries of certain pets have been adjusted to be better aligned.
  • Player IDs are now appended to player names in the event log, chat notifications, and hover-over name display.
  • Characters can now be selected from the character menu with number keys while using a keyboard.
  • The Enter key can now be used to start the game while selecting the difficulty in the Gilded Spire.
  • Holding the mouse button or the select button (while on a gamepad) will now significantly speed up the Gilded Spire end screen.
  • Server hosts can now configure or disable the player inactivity timer.

You can read more about the update here.

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