Counter-Strike: Global Offensive July 23 Update Removes Chlorine And Jungle From Matchmaking

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received a small patch yesterday that focused on improving the game's anti-cheat system. It also made some changes to the map queue and fixed some underlying bugs.

Trusted Mode in CSGO will now be turned ‘ON’ by default. The previous launch option of Trusted Mode has been removed. Also, you can allow third-party software to CSGO by using “-allow_third_party_software” in launch options.

A few maps were removed and added to the map queue. Two maps, Chlorine and Jungle, were removed from the matchmaking, but Mutiny and Swamp were added to Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage game modes.

The update also made some changes to grenades and also fixed a couple of bugs. You can learn more about all the changes below or on the official site.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive July 23 Update Patch Notes


  • Trusted Mode is now the default launch mode for CS:GO.
  • Previous Trusted Mode launch options have been deprecated.
  • Instead, a new compatibility launch option “-allow_third_party_software” is provided to allow third party software to access the CS:GO game process.
  • For more information about Trusted Mode please refer to the following Knowledge Base article.


  • Added Mutiny and Swamp to official matchmaking in Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage game modes.
  • Chlorine and Jungle have been removed from official matchmaking.


  • Grenades now convey the correct amount of damage to teammates if thrown by another teammate who switched teams or disconnected.
  • Decoy grenade explosions no longer damage teammates by default. (controlled via convar ff_damage_decoy_explosion)


  • Fixed bsp-embedded models caching rules to allow for reloading the correct model when transitioning to a different map.
  • Capped view model backfaces on Desert Eagle.
  • Fixed workshop workbench texture regeneration on low shader quality GPU configurations.
  • Minor adjustments to Danger Zone delivery drone behavior for Steam Workshop Danger Zone maps.

So what do you think? Are you playing the game with Trusted Mode turned ‘On’? Did you encounter any of the bugs that are now fixed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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