Counter Strike Global Offensive July 8 Patch Turns On Trusted Mode By Default

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Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Counter-Strike Global Offensive VALVE

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive just became slightly more secure. The July 8 update doesn’t add any new content, though it does make cheating in the game slightly more difficult. CS:GO will now launch in trusted mode. This will affect all players and will be ‘ON’ by default. Trusted Mode will stop any third-party software from interacting with the game. You can still use third-party software, but you will specifically have to run the game with the untrusted option turned on which will lower your Trust score.

There is a label “” that will run your game with the previous version. Valve recommends this option if your game isn’t opening with the newest version. Third-party developers will have to digitally sign all of their DLL files that interact with the game. Players who use non-signed software will have to play the game with the ‘-insecure’ launch option, but this means they can’t connect to VAC secured servers.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive July 8 Update Patch Notes

Complete patch notes of the update are mentioned below. You can also read them on the official site.

Trusted Mode

  • Players now launch CS:GO in Trusted mode by default
  • While in Trusted mode, third party software will be blocked from interacting with CS:GO
  • To allow third party software to interact with CS:GO, you can start the game with the –untrusted launch option. Note that in this case your Trust score may be negatively affected.
  • A backwards compatibility label “” is temporarily available for players experiencing difficulty launching the latest version of the game.
  • If you are a third party developer, all of your DLLs that interact with CS:GO must be digitally signed.
  • If your customers would like to use third party software that is not digitally signed, they can start the game with the –insecure launch option. Note that they will not be able to join VAC servers with this option.


  • Fixed a regression to reenable streams in the “Watch tab”

So what do you think? Do you think this step will make the game more secure? Will you run the game in Trusted option or non-Trusted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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