Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Grand-Finals Astralis vs Liquid - IEM Global Challenge

Astralis vs Liquid iem
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The IEM Global Challenge match between Astralis and Team Liquid just concluded. The matchup between the two teams was played in a best of five series.

Astralis picked Inferno as their starter map. Both teams loved playing on this map and previous games have always started with Inferno as the first pick. We got to see Nicolai Hvilshøj "dev1ce" Reedtz clutch Round 3 post plant, which was pretty cool. He took the 1v1 engagement with confidence and won it.

Astralis won the first map with a 16-11 scoreline. It was really exciting to see Astralis come back in form after a long break.

The second map was played on Overpass. Astralis had an insane 13-3 lead and almost threw it, but Astralis managed to win with a 16-11 scoreline.

The final map was Dust2. It was an insane show to watch. On Round 23, dev1ce from Astralis stopped Liquid from all sides. dev1ce, however, was stuck near the car on Long A. Two attackers were pinching him in Long and another player was coming from mid. But dev1ce managed to get the first kill on the mid player. And then, proceeded to get a double kill using one bullet. Though, he got stuck in a Molotov grenade.

Astralis still won the Finals with a clean 3-0 victory. They claimed the spot as champions for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive IEM Global Challenge. The long break that Astralis took actually worked. They seemed to be even stronger than before. Liquid, on the other hand, is currently undergoing a roster change after the loss. More details on the roster change will be announced later.

For more coverage on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive IEM Global Challenge, watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive IEM Global Challenge? Have you enjoyed the games and learned new tricks from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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