Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semi-Finals Liquid vs BIG - IEM Global Challenge

Liquid vs BIG - IEM Global Challenge
Liquid vs BIG - IEM Global Challenge egamersworld

The IEM Global Challenge match between Team Liquid and BIG just concluded. The matchup between the two teams was played in a best of three series. Only one of these teams would head to the finals, while the losing team would be knocked out of the tournament.

Liquid picked Inferno as their starter map. It’s always fun watching Liquid, as we get to see Stewie2k make some amazing plays, which almost nobody expects. Liquid was very dominant throughout the first half. Every player except Stewie2k got double digits in kills. Yet the utility usage coming from Liquid was extremely poor. But EliGE finished the series with 35 kills.

Liquid won the first map with a 16-9 scoreline, a pretty dominating game, especially in the semi-finals.

The second map was played on Nuke. BIG was in control during the first six rounds. They managed to take a 5-1 lead against Liquid by just fragging. BIG’s utility usage and firepower allowed them to win a few rounds. But then, Liquid started to gain momentum.

Stewie2k did an impressive surfing knife kill during Round 24. It was when the round got to a 4v1 situation favoring Liquid. During the final few rounds, we noticed both teams stopped using utility and relied more on gunfights. NAF from Liquid did an excellent flank around the enemies. This allowed Liquid to win the semi-final match. NAF’s double kill surprised BIG, and they didn’t have time to react.

Liquid won the second map with a 16-14 scoreline. The finals will be one of the most hyped rematches, Liquid vs Astralis.

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