ARMA 3 Western Sahara Hotfix v1.1.1 Adds Two More Player Slots to Extraction Mode

With realism at its core, ARMA 3 is known in the gaming community as more of a warfare simulator than a traditional shooter.
With realism at its core, ARMA 3 is known in the gaming community as more of a warfare simulator than a traditional shooter. Bohemia Interactive

The developer of ARMA 3 has recently released a major patch for the Western Sahara expansion, and it looks like they aren’t done with the DLC just yet. Hotfix 1.1.1 just went live on Steam, bringing several improvements. The patch is only live on Steam right now, with the Microsoft Store version going live next week. So, keep in mind that this could cause trouble in cross-play.

The Extraction mode now features two more player slots. The devs warned that this is an experimental change as the mode was designed with four players in mind. The patch also fixed the bug where fast traveling via Pegasus would reset the custom gun and IED drone loadout.

The rest of the changes are mentioned below:

  • Added: Texture material properties to the Velko 35rnd and 50rnd magazines for better mod compatibility
  • Added: Missing translation for the gun drone/3den weapon selection strings
  • Fixed: NATO gun drone was spawning with a 30Rnd instead of a 100Rnd magazine
  • Fixed: IED drone AT grenade wouldn't penetrate armored vehicles correctly
  • Fixed: Velko R5/GL rifle had invisible integrated bipod
  • Fixed: GLX grenade launcher sights were off by a bit
  • Fixed: CTRG (Desert) soldier classes didn't show up in Zeus game mode
  • Fixed: CTRG (Desert) JTAC class was missing a battery for the laser designator
  • Fixed: BTR-T Iskatel gunner and commander bodies wouldn't hide on vehicle destruction
  • Fixed: AA40 smoke shell was shown as a mortar grenade when fired
  • Fixed: PMC (Peace) uniform wouldn't show the pistol in 3rd person
  • Fixed: Thermal effect of the pants/gloves on the CTRG Stealth Uniform (Desert)
  • Fixed: In multiplayer, Zamak textures could change randomly on vehicle creation
  • Tweaked: 12 Gauge HE shells balance tweaks (reduced splash radius)
  • Added: Player count and Carrier hint for Spectators
  • Added: Punishment for suicide respawn timer extended
  • Added: Text title with match winner to the mission end screen
  • Added: Very basic countdown timer for spectator
  • Fixed: One of the character slots would only start with a pistol
  • Fixed: The showcase would end too soon after collecting the Magic Beacon
  • Fixed: Advanced hint (Alchemist Magic) behavior on mission start
  • Fixed: Name of the carrier didn't show in notification when final clue was picked up
  • Fixed: Particles of player with magic beacon are now visible even for spectator
  • Tweaked: Respawn times (suicide, player kill, carrier kill now differs)
  • Tweaked: Turrets positions in some locations for better view on magic clue

The complete patch notes of ARMA 3 Western Sahara Hotfix v1.1.1 can be read in great detail via the official site.

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