Coromon: Patch 1.1.0 Twilight Changes and New Traits

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Developer TRAGsoft deployed a pretty big update for Coromon not long ago. Patch 1.1.0 implemented some major changes to how Coromons are affected by Twilight.

In Coromon, weather is not only for visuals but also for certain Coromons on the field. For instance, rain can boost the damage of Water-type skills by 50% and reduce the effectiveness of Fire-type skills to the same degree.

That said, the Twilight weather condition in Coromon has its effect changed in this update. Instead of slightly reducing the accuracy of non-ghost Coromons, it now turns positive stat boosts on non-ghost Coromons into negative stat boosts. This makes Twilight so much more terrifying. So, players who venture into dark areas like the Thunderous Cave should be careful.

In addition to the Twilight changes, Patch 1.1.0 added new Traits as well. Nano Skin is a good trait available to the Decibite and Patterbit lines of Coromon, giving them immunity to bleeding. It also allows them to recover from any status effects two rounds after they are inflicted.

Patch Notes

  • Sleep condition is replaced by the Drowsy condition; drowsy Coromon will have 30% reduced Attack and Special Attack stat, and every hit on them is a critical hit. The condition lasts for 4 turns.
  • Updated Shock condition: instead of a 25% chance to do nothing each turn, the effect triggers every fourth turn and now included a visual indicator when that happens
  • Polluter: While on the battlefield, the Coromon pollutes the air on the opponent's side, making any opponent unable to eat Fruits. Added to Skarbone, Toruga, Acie lines
  • Low Density: During a Sandstorm, the Coromon is immune to the contact effects of any opponent it attacks, and takes 25% less damage from skills that make contact. Added to Mooby line
  • Shock Absorber: The Coromon likes critical hits, and reduces their damage by 50%. Added to Mooby line
  • Patdown: Upon entering a battle, the Coromon pats the opponent down to detect any held items, and will steal an item once per battle if it's not holding anything. The held item can be viewed in the opponent’s details by tapping its nametag. Added to Armado, Patterbit line
  • Magic Layer: Because of its aura of magic, the Coromon reduces special damage taken by 15% and increases special damage dealt by 10%. Added to Arcta, Squidma lines
  • Dimensional Eye: The Coromon excels at seeing weak points while in the Twilight, Critical Hit Chance is increased by 1 stage. Added to Lunarpup, Otogy line
  • Dark Atmosphere: The Coromon calls forth the Twilight upon entering a battle. Added to Lunarpup, Squidly line

Coromon Patch 1.1.0 is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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