Coromon: New Hotkeys Now Available in Patch 1.0.20

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Developer TRAGsoft launched a new update for Coromon recently. Patch 1.0.20 added quality-of-life features and some needed bug fixes.

New hotkeys have been added in Coromon. Numbers one to three let you use your bound items immediately when pressed. For instance, you can place an HP Cake in one of the hotkeys mentioned and press it whenever your Coromon needs instant healing. In addition, pressing number four allows you to use your Coromon’s bound trait.

Patch 1.0.20 also allows you to select specific modules for the Gauntlet by pressing numbers one to six on the Numpad. Additionally, you can choose the next or previous module by using the plus (+) and minus (-) signs on the Numpad, respectively.

For bug fixes, a number of issues concerning the unlocking of milestones in online battles have been resolved. Moreover, the bug where the gem buyer is not taking all gems at once has been addressed.


  • The game now saves after editing an online Squad
  • XP earned is now shown in a single overview instead of for each Coromon individually
  • The available Coromon overview in the world map now shows 2 rows of Coromon
  • Precision Punch has a 50% chance to raise crit chance instead of 100%
  • OHKO skills no longer benefit from type proficiency bonus
  • Vørst now removes buffs from the player’s Coromon once he regains his fighting spirit, and prevents the first hit on him from doing more than 10% damage
  • Transcending skill now resets after any move, instead of just after skills
  • Fruits that increase Skill damage now do 1.5x damage instead of 2x
  • Prepared Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Wet Coat Trait now shows an indicator when it triggers
  • Some Traits are now triggered when entering the battle instead of at the start of a round
  • Heatwave now also prevents and removes freeze condition
  • Sandstorm now raises Accuracy and Crit chance (instead of Accuracy and Evasion) for sand Coromon, and no longer lowers stats for non-sand Coromon
  • Snow weather no longer randomly freezes in online battles
  • Fixed a number of typos in multiple languages
  • Fixed a softlock when Vørst would freeze a Coromon holding a Crany Fruit
  • Players can no longer walk through the Trainer Hub tiles in Alavi
  • Agility Training now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Withdraw now raises 1 stage as intended
  • Players can no longer interact with trainers while in a minecart
  • Skills that require a charge now correctly retarget if the opponent switches out

You can read the full patch notes on Coromon’s official Steam page.

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