Coromon: Patch 1.0.18 Allows Players to Unlock Randomizer Mode Again

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The 2D monster-taming game Coromon has a new update. Patch 1.0.18 allows you to unlock the Randomizer mode again. It also implements various bug fixes and improvements.

Randomizer mode gives you the option to randomize certain things in the game, including items, traits, evolutions, quests, and starters, among others. After updating to Patch 1.0.18, you can unlock Randomizer mode again by defeating Voltgar - the very first titan you will encounter in Coromon. If you’re already past this point, the mode is automatically unlocked for you.

Another significant change in this patch is that the Evo Block has been removed. Because of this, all of your Coromon affected by this can now evolve again.

Anyway, every Coromon has a Potential value that ranges from one to 21. This determines the color of their appearance, as well as the number of Potential unlocks they can have. That said, developers slightly lowered the chance for Potential 17 Coromon to appear. Instead, they increased the chances that you’ll come across Coromon with Potential 18 and 19.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when receiving your Gauntlet at the reception
  • Fixed a crash when Kerrin transferred a Coromon to or from a Platinum Spinner
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Swap in online battles. This skill should no longer invalidate the battle
  • Loose Cannon skill now applies burn to the target instead of the user
  • Alavi is now available as a Recall location once you leave Jarl’s house
  • We also made sure that players that reached this point can also Teleport back into Alavi, if they left
  • Vlamma is now available as a Recall location at first arrival. The cutscene that triggered a bit after arriving prevented this
  • Bren can no longer be handed into Roman at the Traitformator
  • Armado refound his energy and is no longer constantly resting in battles
  • Replaced a ledge in Mount Muspel floor 3 with a minecart to prevent a softlock
  • We’ve ensured that players now have the Sun Band in their inventory after defeating Light Sensei
  • The Pep Talk Trait is now usable on other Coromon when the user has overcharged SP
  • The starters are now randomized the first time, instead of having to reload the area
  • Randomizer mode no longer gives duplicate Traits to Coromon
  • Intelligent Trait only works for wild Coromon
  • Platinum Spinners are now listed with the regular, Silver and Gold spinner
  • Rana in the Wostin Desert no longer reappears once she dug up her gems
  • We removed the swamp area from the Mescher Realm

Coromon Patch 1.0.18 is available on PC.

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