Core Keeper is Now on Steam Early Access

Prepare for a new adventure.
Prepare for a new adventure. Twitter/@CoreKeeperGame

The mining sandbox adventure Core Keeper is now available on Steam Early Access. This release follows a successful showing during last month’s Steam Next Fest, where more than 130,000 players downloaded and played the demo. The Early Access version introduces new features, including automation, electricity, fishing, and railroads. Players can also expect new enemies, new items, new weapons, and even a new nature biome.

Those who downloaded and played the demo can continue their progress when they buy the Early Access version. There’s also an added motivation of the 10% discount offered during the first week of launch.

Features of the game include:

  • 1-to-8-player sandbox
    • Work together to fight, farm, fish, craft, and survive in a 1-to-8-player sandbox adventure.
    • Players can choose their explorer’s background and level up skills to unlock new bonuses.
  • Mine resources
    • Explore a vast underground cave of endless resources.
    • Mine materials, discover hidden crystals, fossils and trinkets, and survive a procedurally-generated underground world.
  • Craft and build
    • In addition to being able to customize their explorer, players can also build their base.
    • Players can also craft new items, armor, and equipment, especially if they want to go deeper into the cave.
    • Experiment with automation to set up mining drills.
    • Build railroads for faster transportation.
    • Create electrical circuits to light up the dark.
  • Grow crops
    • Plant seeds and nurture crops to grow food.
    • Combine ingredients in the cooking pot to discover new recipes that offer powerful buffs.
  • Discover an ancient world
    • Explore living biomes, defeat giant monsters, and power up the core to uncover the secrets of an ancient world.

In addition to the features already mentioned, more updates are set to introduce new features, content, and quality-of-life improvements.

In a statement, Pugstorm CEO and Animator Sven Thole shared that they are excited to finally release the game on Steam Early Access. He added that they are happy to welcome not only the returning players but even new ones. Meanwhile, Fireshine Games Product Manager Vincent Coates revealed that last month’s demo showed an amazing response from players worldwide.

Core Keeper is available on PC. Get the game here.

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