Core Keeper: Patch 0.3.2 Implements Changes to Ancient Pickaxe

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The mining sandbox game Core Keeper received an update a few days ago that implemented changes to the Ancient Pickaxe. The developers have also added some balancing improvements and bug fixes.

The Ancient Pickaxe was pretty overpowered back then, thanks to its high base stats and ability to break any wall with a single hit. With Patch 0.3.2, it now has epic rarity (legendary before this update) and adjusted stats.

So, how does the newly tweaked Ancient Pickaxe perform? Basically, breaking walls now requires two hits, and it can no longer break mold walls. Although nerfed, it is still a very good pickaxe to use. Additionally, this item now has a chance to drop from Azeos, the Sky Titan - a boss found in the Azeos Wilderness biome.

Another major change in this update is that the amount of fish or fishing items required for you to level up your fishing skill has been lowered. Moreover, fireflies will now have a lower chance to spawn if the area is already heavily populated with fireflies.

Patch Notes

  • Tweaked the loot drop for Azeos to have the correct amount of loot and items
  • Thunder beams spawned by Azeos now do more damage
  • Fishing has been adjusted to be a bit easier, especially for early game fishes
  • Swapped places of the fishing talents Studied patterns (dodge chance) and Anglers advantage (fish starts closer to be reeled in)
  • Soul powers can now be toggled on or off in the Souls UI as intended
  • Adjusted volume levels for sound effects for watering can
  • Obsidian walls no longer appear in the room with the green dolls chest when generating a new world
  • The Core will now always say the correct direction instead of
  • Fixed correct name and description for The Caveling Hunter trophy
  • Range weapons no longer damage other players that are far away
  • When holding a broken item with the mouse it stays red
  • Fence gates no longer break when starting the game
  • Hitting shortly after dashing no longer keeps moving the player forward in the dash direction
  • Red fireflies now spawn in Azeos wilderness as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the client sometimes would see a critical hit but the server would not register a critical hit
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would sometimes be knocked back after dying

Core Keeper Patch 0.3.2 is available on PC.

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