Core Keeper: Patch 0.3.3 Makes Key Changes to Repairing and Salvaging Items

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Some key changes to repairing and salvaging items have been implemented in the latest update for Core Keeper. Patch 0.3.3 also brings a lot of balancing improvements, quality-of-life changes, and bug fixes.

Back then, repairing items in Core Keeper requires you to use scrap parts. However, developers changed this mechanic in Patch 0.3.3. Repairing stuff now requires some of the item’s crafting materials, and the amount needed depends on the current durability of the item. For instance, you will need some copper bars if you want to fix the copper pickaxe.

To help you adjust to the change in the repair mechanic, salvaging now gives some of the item’s crafting materials back instead of the usual scrap parts.

So, what happens to your existing scrap parts now that they’re not used for repairing items anymore? Well, they have been changed into something that you can sell for a small amount of coin.

Patch Highlights

  • Materials in chests adjacent to crafting buildings can now be accessed while crafting. A small chest icon beside the required material will indicate if the material is available in any adjacent chests
  • Items can now be placed on the caveling table
  • Added melee damage, range damage, and mining damage stats to the Caveling Hood, Caveling Chest, and Caveling Pants, respectively
  • Increased mining damage of the Ancient Pickaxe
  • Dodge chance is now capped at 90%
  • Cooked food is now worth the amount of ancient coins of its combined ingredients
  • The Blacksmith talent now also reduces repair costs of items and has been changed to reduce the cost by 5% instead of 6% per talent point
  • Hive Mother eggs now always spawn at least one big larva to help the other small larvas or acid larvas to dig out of any obstacles
  • Added quick stack and sort buttons to the chest inventory UI
  • Enemies can no longer spawn on top of the player or very close to the player
  • Added option to disable in-game UI
  • The color of ore boulders has been made easier to see on the map such as iron ore boulders on stone ground
  • Added a more stable solution to make sure Malugaz the Corrupted does not reset back to full health while fighting him in his throne room
  • Fix pushback not affecting enemies as it should
  • Fixed an issue where items would sometimes be duplicated while exiting the game
  • Save files are located under the Windows user’s AppData folder as well as in Steam Cloud
  • Great wall blocks can no longer be placed out

Core Keeper Patch 0.3.3 is available on PC.

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