Coral Island Begins Kickstarter Campaign This February 1

Excited for this one?
Excited for this one? Stairway Games

For those looking for simulation games, there’s a new one in the works - Coral Island - and it is coming to Kickstarter on February 1. This is a farm sim inspired by the classics yet reimagined.

From the description, it’s clear that the main gameplay is turning land into one lively farm. Players though have some freedom as they can choose what crops to grow or what structures to build. This somewhat deviates it from your typical sim where you have to follow a sequence.

It’s not all farming as players can also dive into the ocean and try to help bring back the coral reefs. Cleaning up the sea bed, for example, allows players to develop homes for rare fish. Meanwhile, collecting ocean kelp and bringing them to your farm helps improve the quality of not only the crops but even livestock.

There are caverns as well that players can visit for mining gemstones, which can be used to upgrade tools and the farm. However, it won’t be easy getting those gems since monsters protect the mines, so be sure to have weapons ready.

Players won’t be all alone on the island because there are more than 50 islanders to meet. Coming from different backgrounds, talk and get to know them to obtain extra brownie points. It’s not all talk as those who want a special someone can experience them. Some 16 singles are more than ready and willing to mingle. After all, life on the farm is better with someone to build it with.

While building their farm, players can also participate in various community projects to improve the town. Blacksmiths, for example, can process rare ores to create better tools. Players can even opt to add a community garden for everyone, among many others.

The game comes with many other features and one of which is allowing players to customize their characters. They can choose from a wide range of accessories, outfits, and physical traits. Indeed, there’s a lot to be excited about this game.

You can check Coral Island’s Kickstarter campaign once it launches here. You can also wishlist the game through Steam here.

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