Survival Horror Game Deathground Has Launched On Kickstarter

Can you survive the terror?
Can you survive the terror? Jaw Drop Games

There have been a number of games where players have been pitted against dinosaurs. If Deathground is to be believed, it’s set to offer a new experience to players. This game puts players in an atmosphere of fear and suspense as they go against AI dinosaurs that aren’t only reactive, but also dynamic. If you think that shows promise then head on over to Kickstarter and start supporting.

Deathground is being developed by Jaw Drop Games and hopes to offer not only solo gameplay, but also a co-operative experience. This means players can either try to survive alone or do it in teams of three. In the game, players form a team of professional hunters and survivalists going on a mission to the titular Deathground in order to score high-value loot.

Players can expect dynamic gameplay combined with objectives, stealth, and of course, combat. There’s also unpredictable AI dinosaurs. Special character classes are going to be available for players to choose from along with a wide range of weapons and items.

In a press release, Jaw Drop Games Co-Founder Dan Da Rocha revealed that they have “been building the foundations of the game for over six months now and have been carefully planning our production pipeline and creative strategy.” Da Rocha went on to say that they launched on Kickstarter because Jaw Drop is more than confident that there’s an audience for this kind of game. Da Rocha added that he would “love for the community to help shape the game experience, so together, we can create something incredible.”

For now, the game is planned to release for the PC some time in 2021. Console versions are also planned for the future.

As of this writing, the Kickstarer campaign is at $19,709, with the total goal being set at $100,724. The lowest tier that gives you a copy of Deathground is around $16, and also comes with a digital art pack, your name in the credits, and access to a members-only Discord server.

The highest tier is the Tyrannosaurus Rex - Platinum Edition, which is priced at around $10,000. This comes with bonuses that include the digital game plus private alpha access. There’s also some in-game goodies like a custom in-game T-Rex and even an in-game statue of you. Physical rewards are also available like a physical T-Rex statue, dinosaur plushie, and a Deathground book.

View the Kickstarter campaign here and tell us what you think about this one.

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