Conqueror's Blade: Weapon Skill and Unit Adjustments Implemented in Latest Update

May 12 Update
May 12 Update Twitter/@official_ConqB

A new update is available for Conqueror’s Blade. The game’s latest patch implements various weapon skills and unit adjustments.

Fans of the long sword and shield will be happy to know that a few skills have their damage increased. The first stage attack of the Paladin I skill, for example, has its damage calculation changed to 80% of base damage plus 997 slashing damage.

The Nodachi has been buffed as well. While the Monstrous Blade skill no longer gains extra life drain from Blood Craze, its base life drain is increased to 15% at Level 1 and 22.5% at Level 2.

In terms of unit adjustments, the Spear Militia have their piercing armor penetration and piercing damage increased by 41 and 32, respectively. The Ironcap Bowriders have their piercing damage increased by 36 as well.

For improvements, expect a better performance from the barracks and in-battle mini-map. Moreover, the damage hitbox caused by the destruction of walls in Wall Fort has been narrowed down to make it consistent with the visual effect.

Patch Notes

Short Sword and Shield
  • Centurion’s Battle Drill I
    • 241% Base Damage + 3,518 Slashing Damage > 250% Base Damage + 3,645 Slashing Damage
  • Centurion’s Battle Drill II
    • 241% Base Damage + 4,009 Slashing Damage > 250% Base Damage + 4,190 Slashing Damage
  • Bodkin-tipped (fully-charged up)
    • 74% Base Damage + 1,481 Piercing Damage > 74% Base Damage + 1,592 Piercing Damage
  • Bodkin-tipped III (fully-charged up)
    • 74% Base Damage + 1,764 Piercing Damage > 74% Base Damage + 1,942 Piercing Damage
Dual Blades
  • Great Thunderbolt III
    • 153% Base Damage + 990 Blunt Damage > 153% Base Damage + 1,047 Blunt Damage
  • Scatter Shot III
    • 8% Base Damage + 200 Piercing Damage > 8% Base Damage + 224 Piercing Damage
  • Tenant Farmers: Health increased by 151
  • Sword Militia: Health increased by 109
  • Rattan Roundshields: Blunt Defense increased by 44
  • Coutiliers: Piercing Armor Penetration increased by 59
  • Fenrir's Pack: Slashing Armor Penetration increased by 40
  • Demesne Arquebusiers: Piercing Damage increased by 30
  • Black Dragon Spearmen: Piercing Damage increased by 31
  • Yeomen Lancers: Piercing Damage increased by 24
  • Rattan Rangers: Piercing Armor Penetration increased by 59
  • Winged Hussars: Piercing Damage increased by 38
  • Now CBL levels and Practice Field (create thru Sheriff) no longer set a time limit to sharing artillery with teammates (was 60 seconds)
  • Adjusted the item placement in the defender’s Respawn Point of Dasuo Fort and narrowed the passable area
  • Improved the display of grouped teammates on the mini-map (in battle) and TAB map

Conqueror’s Blade May 12 update is available on PC.

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