Conqueror's Blade: December 30 Update Improves Territory War and Gaming Experience

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Developer Booming Tech Games has launched a new update for Conqueror’s Blade.


Some things have changed in the Quinn Ruins. For one, the developers have removed the anti-horse spikes at point A, which means that you can safely traverse to this area using your steeds.

If you occupy point B, the map timer is extended by 120 seconds, up from 90 seconds previously. Moreover, the supply point at the defender’s base is adjusted.

The devs have made some changes and improvements to territory war as well. First of all, Bandit raids have become less frequent, so you can now enjoy some peace.

In addition, Herazlan generals are leading the forces to crush the rebellion. Thus, they’re meeting the Herazlan’s Imperial Restorationists at Bartholia. The Rapid March icon is improved to make it easier for you to know its status.

For bug fixes, the issue where some icons of female hairstyles in the customization menu did not correspond to their actual appearance has been resolved. On top of that, the problem with camera playback when you’re in the Season Challenges menu is addressed.

December 30 Update

Surround the Bandits
  • Occupying the town's supply point will add a respawn point
  • We've adjusted the marching speed when running out of food: now the marching speed can peak at 3.5 when food reserves are exhausted
  • Added a display of required resources of each quest in the Fief Quests menu
  • Reduced the required amount of [Iron Ore] and [Timber] in [Collect Resources I]: 40% reduction for the required amount of [Iron Ore], and 10% reduction for the required amount of [Timber]
  • Reduced the required amount of all types of [Rebel Weapons] in [Bandit Bounty I/II/III] and [Growing Tribute IV]: The required amount of [Rebel Weapons] would be reduced by 20% to 60% based on the item's quality
  • Raised the Cudgel Monks' level cap to 18 (was 16)
  • Improved the UI for the Ladder Training tutorial
  • Resolved an issue where Assist Points display incorrectly under some circumstances
  • Resolved an issue with the Cut Stone crafting formula
  • Improved the visuals of some menus and texts
  • Disguise Kits will be converted into 300 Sovereigns with the update
  • Improved upon the process of opening several Attire Treasures in a row. You can now click on Draw Again to continue opening chests
  • Improved the overall experience of opening chests

Conqueror’s Blade December 30 update is available on PC.

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