Conqueror's Blade: Dynasty Season Update Marks Anniversary of the Game

Conqueror's Blade Dynasty Update
Conqueror's Blade Dynasty Update Steam

A new update for Conqueror’s Blade is now available. It introduces a new weapon, as well as improved systems across the board. The patch also marks the game's anniversary, so log in ASAP to acquire some goodies.

New Weapon

The Dynasty Season update introduces a new weapon called the Pike. It has three main skills: The Wandering Dragon, Hidden Dragon, and Soaring Cloud. All of them can be used in three different ways and have unique effects depending on how many times you press their respective buttons.

For example, pressing the button for Wandering Dragon twice will let the character swirl the weapon and retreat about six meters away, and then, strike forward. This particular move deals slashing damage, removes daze effects, and increases damage received by the enemy thanks to armor penetration.

New Season Units

Included in the update are three unlockable new units by completing their corresponding challenges. They are the Cudgel Monks, Grayhair Garrison, and Modao Battalion.

The Cudgel Monks are very agile and adept at using quarterstaves. The Greyhard Garrison are desert dwellers that are not scared of one-on-one combat, though they can work together to fight hordes of enemies when needed.

Considered as one of the Qian Dynasty’s most elite troops, the Modao Battalion is equipped with halberd-esque weapons and heavy armor. They are known for their great physical strength, so you can certainly utilize them to help turn the tide of battle.

Unlocking all of the season units will grant you some bonuses, including 15 fewer Leadership attributes required, as well as lowered supply costs by 50%.

Unit Changes

Players can expect certain unit changes to be implemented during the course of the season. The devs have opted to change the Prefecture Pikemen and Ironcap Bowriders first. Here are the changes:

    • Tuned speed and hitbox
    • Charge skill is improved
    • New passive, Close Quarters: Boosts the unit’s charge. Will launch a series of attacks shortly after charging.
    • New Skill, Rapid March: Greatly increases movement speed
    • New Skill, Double Shot: Enables players to shoot tons of arrows in a short amount of time thanks to the increased rate of fire
    • New Passive, Harass: Bow attacks reduce the enemy’s piercing defense which stacks. Once stacked enough, the enemy will be affected by Hurt and Unrest

Gifts for the Special Occasion

The developers will award all Level 20 Warlords with some goodies when they log in between March 18 and July 11. These are the items that you can get:

  • Treatise x3
  • Bronze Coin x50,000
  • Rare Artillery Selection Box x2

The changes listed above are just some of the highlights of the new update. If you want to know more, head to the game’s Steam page.

So, are you going to pierce through enemies using the new weapon in Conqueror’s Blade?

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