Conqueror's Blade Update Adds New Region, Game Improvements, And More

Conquerblade Update
Conquerblade Update Steam

Booming Games, the developer of Conqueror’s Blade, recently released a new update that adds a new region called Bartholia. The new region also comes packed with new game modes, features naval transportation, and includes a lot of added business opportunities. The developers have also made improvements to combat broadcasts. They will now be displayed according to the difficulty and honor.

Conqueror's Blade Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

1) Brand-new Region: Bartholia

Legacy of Fire will be entering the Court in Danger phase on October 12. Whereupon you may access the new region Bartholia via Border Posts in Ungverija and The Borderlands. Warlords in Liangyun must make their way to The Borderlands to access the new region.

Upon this region new game modes will be available, featuring naval transportation, trade, and Conquest. During this phase, a special Military Exercise will be available within Bartholia. Should certain fiefs be captured during this exercise, they will fall into the command of those that occupied them.

What's more, Bartholia comes with a whole new range of business opportunities: Trade Posts will emerge in Ungverija and Liangyun to facilitate the transportation of goods.

2) Improvements

1. Battle-wide Broadcasts
We've made improvements to combat broadcasts: they will now be displayed differently depending on the difficulty and honor in meeting their requirements.

2. Titles
Currently, the way title rarity is displayed in crowded areas isn't very optimal, and titles of different rarities aren't different enough. Which is why we've set about rolling out a new round of improvements for how titles are displayed.

3. Improved the user experiences when interacting with units and Supply Points by increasing the range at which it is possible to do so.

3) Bug Fixes

1. Resolved an issue where the reward for unit challenges of Season 2: Wrath of the Nomads instead granted Season Tokens for the Blood of the Empire: The Fall and The Rise season. Originally the reward contained 30 Blood of the Empire: The Fall and The Rise Season Tokens, and it now instead rewards 10 General Unit Medals;

2. Resolved an issue where, in the Liangyun region, Mingyu and surrounding resources sites would disappear under certain circumstances;

3. Resolved an issue where No-Man's Town's location was wrong;

4. Resolved an issue where the ability graph of Rattan Rangers, Fire Lance Cavalry, and Cataphract Lancers wouldn't be displayed correctly;

5. Resolved an issue where the [Strong Bay Mare] granted from Hero's Path had rather low attributes;

6. Resolved errors with the construction of artilleries of some cities in the Liangyun and Ungverija regions:

  • LiangyunGaoda: Added Well-Made Ballista and Optimal Hwacha Launcher
  • Louge: Added Optimal Grapeshot Cannon
  • UngverijaHadur Város: Added Optimal Mortar
  • Gyoma: Added Well-Made Scorpio
  • Kiralyfalva: Added Optimal Culverin
  • Méhkerék: Added Well-Made Mortar
  • Hévíz: Added Well-Made Mortar

7.Resolved an issue with the item description of the reward granted from the first promotion challenge of the Spear Sergeants and Men-at-Arms units: Remains unchanged in the English version (General Unit Medal).

8. Text errors that have been changed: There was an issue with the text of the third promotion challenge of Spear Sergeants: 'Ranked top 8'; it has now been corrected to 'Ranked top 5'. There was an issue with the text of the third promotion challenge of Barcyan Wildflame: 'kill 240 soldiers in the same game'; it has now been corrected to 'kill 8 heroes in the same game'.

9. Resolved an issue where statistics wouldn't be displayed properly for certain quests of promotion challenges.

10. Resolved an issue where Wild Battles had a chance to erroneously be considered a tie.

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