Concept Hero 'Titania' Could Be An Interesting Overwatch Addition

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Titania Overwatch concept hero
Introducing Titania, a concept hero by concept artist and video game designer Audrey Axt. Audrey Axt

One of the reasons why the Overwatch community continues to thrive is its ability to brainstorm incredible hero designs. In fact, it has built a solid reputation ever since Overwatch originally released, continually adding new concept heroes from time to time.

A very interest concept hero from the community is Titania. And for most players, she could just be the perfect fit for the game’s 32nd hero. Of course, the final say still needs to come from Blizzard, but the concept is just so interesting it would not hurt the studio to take a look at it.

Overwatch concept hero Titania
Titania is a hero concept courtesy of Audrey Axt. Photo: Audrey Axt

Right now, Overwatch offers a hero pool composed of 31 characters. They all have different abilities, each of which make them unique and useful in a variety of ways. When it comes to adding a female hero to the game, the last one was Ashe – a character first unveiled back in November 2018.

Apparently, there is a new idea from the Overwatch community and it could fit what fans are hoping to see from the next (female) hero. Titania is courtesy of concept artist and video game designer Audrey Axt.

Overwatch concept hero Titania
The concept does not explain what her abilities and ultimate are, though. Photo: Audrey Axt

Based on the images, Titania is a fighter that falls in line with the design of most heroes featured in Overwatch already. Still, the hero manages to offer a more distinct look. And unlike many of the concept designs from the past, this one does not necessarily offer an insight as to what she can do in the field.

Despite having little information outside Titania’s name and style in Overwatch, it cannot be denied that the character has an impressive look. In fact, many players within the community think she would be an interesting addition to the game based on the design alone.

While Blizzard does appreciate the overwhelming support from the community, it is a studio that rarely uses concept designs outside of its own development team. So, in a sense, it is almost impossible for Titania to be the 32nd hero everyone is hoping for. Nonetheless, it is proof that Overwatch still has one of the most supportive fan bases.

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