Conan Exiles Heads To The Frozen North Aug. 16; New Trailer Out Now

Conan Exiles - The Frozen North
Conan Exiles - The Frozen North Funcom

The first big update for Conan Exiles will debut next week, Funcom announced on Thursday, bringing dozens of new items and a new, wintery landmass to the popular survival game. The studio also published a new trailer for The Frozen North , featuring five minutes of gameplay from Conan Exiles mid-August update.

Funcom says the arrival of The Frozen North is also the beginning of the second phase of Conan Exiles time in Early Access. The survival game has already seen six months of updates, ranging from bug fixes and client improvements to new factions and deities. The Frozen North will continue to expand the game, delivering new mechanics, a new landmass, dozens of new items, expanded crafting systems, more character customization options and new buildings. There are even new temperature and climate systems.

According to a press release, Funcom will release The Frozen North on Aug. 16, giving fans of the most successful Conan the Barbarian game to date less than a week to finish preparing for their trip to the wintery northern half of the wasteland. A new trailer for the Conan Exiles patch also offers a better idea of what to expect when the update goes live. The Phase Two trailer features commentary from Conan Exiles Creative Director Joel Cylos, who explains the impact many of the new additions to the game will have on the Conan Exiles community. The temperature and climate systems will be the easiest to spot, since your character can now freeze to death, but that’s just scratching the surface of everything we’ll find in The Frozen North .

For more on the changes coming to Conan Exiles next week, check out the latest trailer from Funcom. Then head down to the comments and let us know if you’re excited about the content headed to Conan Exiles.

Conan Exiles is currently available in Early Access and the Xbox Game Preview program. The game’s full release and a PS4 port are expected in Q1 2018.

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