'Code Vein' Will Throw Action RPGs, Dungeon Diving And Vampirism Into A Melting Pot

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Code Vein
Code Vein Photo: Bandai Namco

The first details on Code Vein , the next action RPG from Bandai Namco, are out now. The new information comes courtesy of Famitsu (h/t Hachima Kikou, Siliconera), which published a new feature on the game, and everything we’re hearing about Code Vein suggests the next project from the God Eater team will (more or less) be the “ Dark Souls + Vampirism” game we were expecting.

Given the studio’s choice of genre, not to mention the #PrepareToDine marketing, comparisons between Dark Souls and Code Vein were likely inevitable. But Shift isn’t just trying to take a page out of FromSoftware’s book. There will undoubtedly be similarities between CV and the most popular action RPG franchise in Bandai Namco’s catalog. But the early word from Famitsu is Code Vein will emphasize dungeon exploration to a far greater degree than any of the Souls games (or Bloodborne) ever did. Information on the dungeons remains scarce. We don’t know if there will be bosses waiting at the end of each, if there will be puzzles to solve or if Shift will place some other obstacle(s) in the player’s path.

Players will take control of a vampire aligned with Vein; a mysterious organization that helps former humans keep a lid on their blood lust. Most of the organization's agents are also struggling with memory loss, a side effect of their transformation, and must occasionally feed to prevent further degradation of their humanity. Those who go without for too long become monsters identified as the Lost. It sounds like Vein will function like something akin to a law enforcement organization too, with Famitsu reporting that Code Vein will incorporate a buddy system that lets players bring a partner with them into dungeons.

According to Famitsu, Shift has only completed around 35 percent of the developmental work required to release Code Vein . Naturally, we won’t be seeing the game before the end of 2017; however, the magazine says Bandai Namco is currently eyeing a 2018 launch window. So it’s very possible the publisher could be eyeing another spring debut -- as we saw with Dark Souls 3 -- for the next big action RPG in its portfolio. Famitsu says the dev team is using the Unreal Engine for Code Vein and another trailer will debut in the near future. But the magazine isn’t sure which platform(s) Code Vein will hit at launch.

For an early idea of what to expect from Code Vein, take a minute to revisit the teaser trailer published last week. Then head down to the comments section and let us know what you’re hoping to see when Code Vein heads to unspecified platforms next year.

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