COD Warzone Shadowbanned Players Forced to Play with Cheaters

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Cheating in games is fairly common when everyone wants to get ahead. Call of Duty: Warzone is not an exception to this. Since its launch, cheating has been a constant thing. Crossplay enabled aimbots, wallhacks, and others to grow in consoles. Players can help fight cheaters by reporting offenders with a few presses. But these few presses can subject those who play fair and square.

Popular YouTuber Tomographic shared his experience on Warzone’s shadowban. Although unconfirmed, a player consistently reported for cheating might get a lower trust factor. This would place them at the bottom pile, where most cheaters exist.

“Essentially, my account has been blacklisted from the matchmaking system, and I’ve now been moved into a cheater bracket,” Tomographic explained.

In the video, the YouTuber claimed running into constant cheaters during his game session with fellow YouTubers Aculite and JackFrags. The other two streamers had no idea what was going on. Next, Tomographic left the party. Then, his fellow streamers noticed that they no longer encountered cheaters, not even one. It hinted that Tomographic’s account likely dragged down the trust rating of the other two.

Aside from playing with cheaters, being at the bottom pile would affect your queue times. A lower trust rating likely means longer queue times. Tomographic said he waited for 20 minutes to find a match. When that match got confirmed, the connection was bad because of the high ping. Of course, the tools of cheaters might be the reason behind the ping.

COD: Warzone Shadowban

Players who cheat often are expected to get reported. Sadly, not every player reported is an actual cheater. Many are naturally skilled in aiming. Those who encountered highly skilled opponents may suspect tools being used to improve accuracy. Also, those who have excellent loadouts may be reported. An excellent loadout for an overpowered weapon will do the job.

Getting banned is not the only issue. The response of the support team matters too. When a player gets banned, they want to know why it happened. If needed, they’ll prove their innocence. On Activision’s official forum, one user reported the shadowban on their account. They claimed that the support team moved the case to a higher team. The first team appeared unable to provide help to the player. At the moment, their inquiry isn't yet resolved.

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