Type 63: FaZe Swagg Shows it's Better than DMR 14 in Warzone

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The DMR 14 is a precious weapon among players of Call of Duty: Warzone. The weapon sports a decent fire rate, aim-down sight, and bullet velocity. So, any player who gets their hands on DMR 14 can deal lots of damage. This is why many considered it an overpowering weapon in COD ’s battle royale. In fact, many include DMR 14 in their default loadout. But is there anything that can outmatch this OP weapon?

Type 63 on Optics
Type 63 on Optics FaZe Swagg

A pro player may have found an excellent alternative. Kristopher “Swagg” Lamberson of FaZe Clan showed everyone this alternative. It is Type 63 inspired by the FAL assault rifle in the game. While DMR 14 is still better than Type 63, FaZe Swagg demonstrated how the latter could do well in Warzone. It appears that with certain skills, Type 64 could outmatch DMR 14. And the pro player didn’t just make a bold claim, he eliminated 31 opponents to back it up.

In his latest video, he displayed his entire loadout to let the audience know. Swagg proved that Type 63 could kill enemies faster than DMR 14. Well, faster when it comes to body shots. If you’re not adept yet with headshots, Type 63 might work on your playstyle.

On the field, Swagg’s demonstration would be like this. The Type 63 could work on close-range fights targeting the opponents’ bodies. DMR 14, meanwhile, would be best for long-range combat targeting the opponents’ heads. It’s like the pro player differentiated the playstyle of two excellent weapons in Warzone.

Type 63 Attachments
Type 63 Attachments YouTube/FaZe Swagg

Swagg’s loadout consisted of the attachments for Type 63:

  • Muzzle: GRU Silencer
  • Barrel: 16.4 Rapid Fire
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip
  • Ammunition: 38 Rnd Speed Mag
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x

With his loadout exposed, you could practice Type 63 and see for yourself. But don’t expect to get it on the first try. The weapon needs the skill to effectively take down enemies quickly. Still, the recommendation by Swagg could help newbies in Warzone. Now, they’ll have something similar to DMR 14 but good at body shots. Once they got a hang of it, they might move to DMR 14 and practice headshots. It would be incredible to master both weapons.

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