Cloudpunk Update Fixes Some Bugs And Game Optimization

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Ion Lands, the developer of Cloudpunk, recently released a new update for the exploration game. They mainly focused on optimizing Cloudpunk by scaling the environments for lower processing and character updates. For a game that released recently, it seems to be doing really well.

Ion Lands also fixed some general bugs with the update, such as camera perspectives not working properly when you are in a vehicle and an issue where the mini-map icons were bugged either staying too long or not appearing at all.

Additionally, the development team at Ion Lands is hosting a livestream on YouTube tomorrow at 11 AM EST. The stream can be watched below, or on Ion Lands' YouTube channel. Two developers on the Cloudpunk team will discuss the future of Cloudpunk and what Ion Lands has in store for future updates.

You can find the patch notes below:

What has changed:

  • Many performance changes. Lower quality levels now have much more impact as they also scale the amount of background vehicles and NPCs. Performance is also increased slightly in the High and Maximum levels because of improved character updating.
  • It is no longer possible to get locked by Huxley or Pashta. Colliders of interactable NPCs on the streets have been reduced.
  • Improved the quest removal during the Spire CEO prank choice.
  • Fixed a rare situation in which talking to a CORPSEC character in the Stacks blocked progress near the gate at Alexa Theatre.
  • Fixed voiceover lines stopping before the end when skipping and advancing the text.
  • Fixed some map icons not being displayed or displayed too long.
  • Fixed the unlocked vehicle camera not being reset properly.
  • Fixed an empty dialog line with Emit.
  • Japanese language fixes

One more thing, if you're having trouble with your controller not working properly, here's what you can do:

  1. Make sure only one controller is connected
  2. Activate Xbox configuration support in your Steam settings
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