Closed Beta Test Announced for Command & Conquer: Legions

Command and Conquer Legions CBT
Save the world against Yuri. Level Infinite

Level Infinite and Electronic Arts announced a Closed Beta Test is being planned for Command & Conquer: Legions. While there's no date yet, we do know where it's taking place. It's going to be in the regions of Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, and the Philippines. What this means is that players in those regions get the chance to see how they fare in a fight versus the forces of a resurgent Yuri.

In celebration of the CBT, two new special events are being launched and these are:

  • Pre-Registration Raffle
    • Commanders can earn as much as 11 entries for a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards, phones, and Amazon gift cards.
    • To do this they simply have to pre-register, invite friends to pre-register, and follow official social media channels, etc.
  • KOC Pilot Program
    • Content creators are invited to produce videos and images showcasing their experience in Command & Conquer: Legions.
    • Participants can earn in-game rewards and exclusive bonuses.
      • Top performers receive additional special prizes.

An Alternate Timeline

Command & Conquer: Legions is a reimagination of the classic Command & Conquer elements but developed for mobile devices. In addition, this one is set in an alternate timeline where the already delicate balance between the Soviets and the Allies have been plunged. Infiltrating within the Soviets, none other than Yuri starts a full-scale war between the Soviet and Allied factions by stealing advanced technology.

Stopping Yuri

In the game, players get to recruit legendary heroes while also building unstoppable armies. They then get to engage in strategic warfare to try and stop Yuri's plans. Commanders need to harvest resources and develop their bases. They'll also have to capture strategic locations as well as conquer cities and regions.

The game also offers different combat scenarios, which include the unique Roguelike Mecha mode.

The Mobile Version

This new version is able to combine nostalgia with improvements in modern gaming. Long-time fans for example are sure to recall the familiar units, factions, and officers. At the same time they can continue to enjoy the fresh gameplay elements. By the way, the accessible gameplay encourages social interaction and makes it a good opportunity to invite friends and enjoy cooperative or competitive play together.

Pre-register Command & Conquer: Legions now.

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