Valve is Testing the Game Recording Feature for Steam

Enjoy the new feature. Valve

Valve announced that it is testing out a new built-in feature in Steam. It's called Game Recording and it's a way for players to share special moments in the game they're playing.

Game Recording basically allows players to save their gameplay and then replay it anytime. This can be done by either recording in the background or activating the manual hotkey. Take Dota 2 for example where there's going to be a timeline which has game-defined markers. Players though can also add their very own markers at any point in the game.

Anyway, even while the match is ongoing, players can go through what's been recorded and review what happened like why a gank failed or what was wrong in a teamfight. Of course, it's also possible to find the most entertaining moments after the match has ended and then share it with the community.

To join in on the fun, all players need to do is opt into the Steam Beta Update in the Steam Interface Settings.

Clip it Good

Game Recording has four main functions. The first is Record which has two modes. There's Background Recording mode where the gameplay is continuously saved to the preferred drive and never exceeds the specified duration and storage limits. Demand Recording mode meanwhile offers manual start and stop. Players can then use Steam Timeline and Event Markers to find key moments.

Another function is Replay. This allows players to jump back in time, so to speak. This is useful when trying to know what went wrong or recalling what had happened previously. This is accessible in the Steam Overlay for every game.

Third function is Clip which let players keep videos that they want. Valve said in a post that they made sure to have lightweight tools so that it would be easy to find and clip gameplay footage. Local footage can be shared and edited in the redesigned Recordings & Screenshots interface.

Then there's Share. Players can share videos to friends in chat with just one click. It's also easy to send footage from the Steam Deck to the PC or even mobile device. The new Save/Share menu can be used during or after play.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to try the new feature now.

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