Classic SNES Games Including Donkey Kong Country 2 Arrive To Switch Online Next Week

Time to have some classic fun.
Time to have some classic fun. Nintendo

Looks like it’s a good month to have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. For one, members finally get a chance to try out Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. This SNES game is set to be released on September 23.

Nintendo Switch Online was officially launched in September 2018 and features online multiplayer, cloud saving, and voice chat. This subscription service also gives members access to a library of NES and SNES games.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy‘s Kong Quest focuses on Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong as they brave the seas to save Donkey Kong who has been kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool and his Kremlings. Both characters have unique abilities like Diddy, who can do a Cartwheel that allows him to sprint across a distance. Dixie meanwhile has the Helicopter Spin, which lets her float from high places. The game offers eight exciting worlds that can be players tackle solo or with a friend.

If you’re excited about this, then prepare to excited even more as there are three other games arriving this month. These are:

  • SNES
    • Mario’s Super Picross
      • Use numbers as clues in order to chisel away squared and reveal a hidden image. As you work your way through the puzzles you’re going to have none other than Mario cheering you on. This game was first launched on the Super Famicon system back in 1995 and this is the first time it’s been released in the US. You can solve puzzles solo or with friends since two chisels are, of course, better than one.
    • The Peace Keepers
      • There’s a string of troublesome incidents and it seems DM Corp is responsible. Players take control of Flynn and his crew in order to put a stop to all of this. The game offers deep action gameplay with each character bringing with them unique super attacks. In addition, the story changes based on what route you take.
  • NES
    • S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team
      • It is the year 2029 and Super Commander Vile Malmort and his army have arrived on Earth with the goal of domination. That means it’s time to send these invaders packing. As Earth’s only hope, prepare to blast your way through enemies and bosses and you collect new weapons, speed boosts, and life recoveries.
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