Clash Royale Strategy: Our Favorite Deck And Combos For Winning Arena 3

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Looking for the best Clash Royale decks to win Arena 3? Check out our personal favorite along with offensive and defensive strategy using the deck, here. Supercell

In Arena 3 and beyond, Clash Royale really starts heating up and choosing the right deck and battle strategies becomes essential to moving out of the 800-1000 trophy range. This week we discovered a winning deck for pushing to Arena 4. Below we’ve shared the deck and specific strategy tips for offensive and defensive playing with this deck along with a gameplay video featuring the strategy at work. Check it out!

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iDigitalTimes’ Favorite Clash Royale Deck For Winning Arena 3

clash royale strategy arena 3 4 5 best decks cards combos offensive defensive strategy tips tricks witch giant goblin hut line push
iDigitalTimes' favorite Clash Royale Arena 3 Deck Photo: iDigitalTimes


  • Giant

  • Witch

  • Cannon

  • Goblins

  • Spear goblins

  • Goblin hut

  • Minions

  • Tombstone

Strategy For Using This Deck

  • Goblins Should Be Strong - We’ve upgraded nearly all of the cards in this deck at least once, but the bulk of the upgrades are on goblins. This isn’t required for winning with this deck, but you will win more battles if the goblins are stronger.

  • Early Gameplay Should Build Defense - The first step in using this deck is to build your defense. This deck has three really effective defensive players: the goblin hut, the tombstone and the cannon. Since there are three, you will get at least one in your opening hand.

    • If your opening hand includes either the goblin hut or the tombstone, you’ll want to drop that immediately down behind one of your side towers. After that, you can throw down any other huts or tombstones that show up in your hand behind or beside that tower and then begin spreading to the others for ongoing support.  

    • If you get a cannon, put it a space or two ahead of your King tower -- in the kill zone.  If you aren’t familiar with the term it refers to the area in the middle of your side of the field. The kill zone is a great place to play defense because it lures your opponent to the center, where he/she undergoes attack by all three of your towers while also receiving damage from your defending card. Placing the cannon in the kill zone also give it greater flexibility to defend any of the three towers under attack. Using these three defending cards, you have ongoing support and resilience for your towers.

  • Play Strong Offense With Your Power Combo – this deck is all about controlling your elixir usage and it really pays off when your Giant and Witch end up together in your hand.  After you’ve established your defense and these two end up in your deck together, hold back on sending out any more attackers. Let your elixir build to 10, then deploy the two together at the bridge ahead of the tower you are targeting  – it should probably be in the lane with the fewest attackers.  

    • Up the Ante - If you happen to have a spear goblin or other regular goblins in your cards, deploy the card behind the Witch/Giant combo as soon as you can. The three together are a very difficult force to stop and can combat swarm defense like the dreaded skeleton army.

Between trying to ward off the goblins, skeletons and cannons you’ve built up, your opponent will often play reactively and end up in an elixir deficit that allows you to build more defense and deploy your power combo more than once. Check out our gameplay and tips video below to see the strategy in action (gameplay starts at minute 3:55)

Do you have a winning deck that helped you progress to Arena 4 and beyond? Email and if we like it, we’ll feature it, and, of course, give you props for the tip.

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