Clash Royale: Path of Legends Ranked Mode Featured in October 26 Update

October 26 Update
October 26 Update Twitter/@ClashRoyale

A new competitive ranked mode has been introduced in the latest update for Clash Royale. This mode is called the Path of Legends and it is unlocked when you reach Arena Level 15, available at 5,000 trophies. If you’ve already unlocked Arena 15, you can enter the Path of Legends by tapping the Battle button on the main menu.

There are some important things that you need to keep in mind. In Path of Legends, the level is capped on each League or rank tier, so your Tower Power and Cards cannot exceed the level defined by the League you’re in.

Furthermore, there are two types of steps that you must climb to reach the next rank tier. The first is the Stone Step which breaks after you’ve been defeated in a match, pushing you back down the path. You will need to fight a battle and win it to advance once again.

The other step is called the Golden Step. Unlike the Stone Step, the Golden Step does not break, meaning you will not lose progress after losing a battle. Don’t worry, upon reaching a new League, you are guaranteed to stay in that League and there’s no way you’ll drop even when you lose.

You can read some of the other major features and changes in Clash Royale's latest update below:

  • Unlockable on the Trophy Road at 6,500 Trophies
  • Special Ability: Pensive Protection
    • Creates a protective aura around himself and nearby allies, reducing damage taken and reflecting any projectile that comes his way. This includes Rockets!
  • Requires 4 Elixirs to Play
  • Legendary flying unit with melee attacks
  • When defeated, it explodes in a fiery death and deals area damage to nearby enemy units and structures. After which, it retreats into an egg
  • If the egg is not destroyed in time, the Phoenix will be reborn and is ready to fight again!
  • Now stops at 7,500 Trophies and will not reset at the start of a Season anymore.
  • You will be able to earn Trophies, visit new Arenas, and collect one-time rewards on the way. Once reaching the end of Trophy Road, you will not win (or lose) any more Trophies. But you will still be able to play in it, and get Chests and Victory Gold, without the fear of losing anything!
  • With the addition of 6 new Arenas on the Trophy Road, Chest content and Victory Gold will also scale up. The higher you are, the more rewards you will earn!
  • King Level is now separated from your Crown Tower Level and will go up to Level 50.
  • Maximum Crown Tower level is now called Tower Power, but still applies to both King and Princess Towers
  • Card Levels remain unchanged

So, what do you think of the new features and improvements?

Clash Royale is available on Android and iOS.

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