‘Clash Royale’ Draft Challenge Hits The Arena: Everything To Know Plus Tips And Tricks For Winning The Challenge

clash royale draft challenge begin prizes how to play strategy tips tricks January 10 - 23 friendly battles
The Draft Challenge is coming to Clash Royale arenas starting January 19. Find out about the challenge, how to play plus tips and strategies for winning more battles in the challenge. Supercell

On Wednesday, Supercell announced the Draft Challenge would be coming back to the arena January 20-23. The four day challenge event has already become available in the clan “friendly battle” section but will become official starting January 20. Below we’ve put together a quick overview of everything you need to know about the challenge, how to participate and what you can win. Once the challenge officially begins, we’ll post any new strategies or tips we’ve picked up for winning the most battles in the challenge, so check back soon.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge: Everything To Know About The Special Event

clash royale draft challenge begin prizes how to play strategy tips tricks January 10 - 23 friendly battles
The Draft Challenge begins January 20 and has the same cost and prizes as the classic and grand challenge, but with some fun gameplay twists. Photo: Reddit

When Does The Clash Royale Draft Challenge Begin?

So the Draft challenge is a temporary challenge that will be available for Clash Royale players January 20-23 and will come with two game options: Classic Draft Challenge and Grand Draft Challenge. For players who just want to try the draft challenge without paying, the challenge becomes available January 19 in the clan “Friendly Battle” section and will remain open through the 23rd.

How Much Does The Clash Royale Draft Challenge Cost? What Are The Prizes?

 Similar to the standard Classic and Grand Challenges, players will pay 10 or 100 gems, respectively, to participate in a Draft Challenge. Classic Draft Challenge players can win up to 2000 gold coins and 100 cards while Grand Draft Challengers have a top prize of 22,000 gold coins and 1,100 cards. Unlike most new challenges Supercell posts, the Draft Challenge doesn’t allow you to play your first tournament free. You must pay every time you join a Draft Challenge.

How Does Clash Royale Draft Challenge Work? How To Play

clash royale draft challenge begin prizes how to play strategy tips tricks January 10 - 23 friendly battles
In the Clash Royale Draft Challenge, you choose 4 cards and 4 cards are chosen for you by your opponent. Photo: YouTube

The Draft Challenge gives players a small bit of control over the cards they choose while also throwing them some surprises. When you enter the challenge, you be presented with four pairs of cards. For each pair you are shown, you will be given 30 seconds to choose one of them to add to your deck. Your opponent will be doing the same. Whatever cards you don’t pick will go into your opponent’s hand and vice versa. So, essentially you’ll choose four cards and your partner will choose four cards for you. As with all challenges, once you lose three battles, you’re out and take with you the prize from whatever level you reached in the tournament. If you are thinking about participating in the Draft Challenge, I’d definitely recommend playing a few rounds against your clan members to get the feel for it.

Tips For Winning More Battles In Clash Royale Draft Challenge

I remember playing the Draft Challenge before or something similar and here are a few tips I picked up along the way. A Redditor also put together a ranking system for of best and worst cards to choose which can be found here. We’ve included the Redditor’s “Must Have” and “Must Avoid” lists below.

  • Mind your elixir – keep in mind that there are four cards you’ll have no control over coming to you so you want to make sure to pick some diverse players, most of which should not be too heavy on the elixir cost. I generally go for mostly low elixir cards except for maybe one tank.
  • Choose a range of cards – again, you have no idea what they’ll throw you so try to pick cards that will enhance each other. You don’t want all ground or all air troops. You also don’t want all heavy troops. Try to pick a group that can mostly work together well for both offense and defense in case your opponent sends you stuff you hate.

Best Cards To Choose If Available

  • Graveyard (best card for this game mode ATM)(offense),
  • Archers (insanely good defense, transitions to offense well)(defense/support),
  • Zap (solid 2 cost spell)(support),
  • The Log (another solid 2 cost)(support),
  • Tornado (only if you do not have a spell, great for activating your tower and dealing with swarm)(support),
  • Skeleton Army (great at everything, but esp countering graveyard and killing tanks)(all around card)
  • Hog (best win condition ATM, especially with graveyard)(offense),
  • Inferno tower (best defense for this game mode)(defense),
  • Miner (solid card, fits in all decks)(offense/support),
  • Lavahound (second best win condition)(offense),
  • Mega minion (remains the best defensive card in the game)(all around card),
  • Ice Golem (amazing support, draft immediately if you got a hog)(support)
  • Elite Barbarians

Best Cards To Avoid/Give To Opponent If Available

  • Sparky ( the worst card in this meta atm)(offense/defense),
  • Inferno dragon (slightly better than the sparky)(defense),
  • Bomber (not good enough to consider drafting, but if you have air units give it away without a second thought)(defense/support),
  • Skeletons (what used to be the best card in the game is most likely the worst cheap unit in the game)(defense),
  • Mortar (I am a mortar main, but most people are not. this means that they most likely will not defend it well)(offense/defense),
  • Xbow (same as the mortar, make sure you can kill it)(offense),
  • Goblin hut (horrible card, no damage output for its cost)(offense/support).




Have more great tips for winning at the Clash Royale Draft Challenge? Share with us in the comments or email c.harbison@ibtimes.com and we’ll include them.

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