‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Players Not Happy With Supercell’s New Compromises, Take To Forums

‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Players Not Happy With Supercell’s New Compromises, Take To Forums
‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: Players Not Happy With Supercell’s New Compromises, Take To Forums Clash of Clans

Despite Supercell’s promise to update Clash of Clans in the upcoming days with the Loot Cart, the Star Bonus and the Treasury, Clash of Clans players have taken to the forums to express their dissatisfaction with these compromises.

In their opinions, Supercell has not fixed the underlying issues that arose after the Town Hall 11 update drastically altered Clash of Clans gameplay.

“I will also say my newborn doesn't let me have enough time to play the way SC wants. The Dec[ember] update is trash and a shortsighted ego driven change that will push more gem sales for the people that stay,” Kraven001, a senior member of the Clash of Clans forums and self-described leader of a level 9 War Clan said. “Trying to give us ‘shiny objects’ to distract us from the real problem of THE GAME DOESN’T REWARD PLAYING. Your average player supplies all upgrade loot and all the new honest game content. SC doesn't make the bases I attack. They made crappy short supplied one-player maps they never update.”

Others questioned the long-term consequences these hot fixes will have on Clash of Clans.

“It's like we are watching the "Top Ten Things NOT to do" playbook being run by SC right now. The number 1 obvious one being all of these knee jerk reactions that take the form of bandages on top of bandages, with ever increasing complexity. The loot cart for example. What exactly is the loot cart,” Bigzac, a junior member of the Clash of Clans forums and leader of the Clan SBC Inc. said. “Instead of simply reducing the amount of loot someone is able to steal from you, you employ your design team, art team, and developers to create a new in game object that adds NOTHING to the customer experience, confuses most people when you announce it, and requires yet another 'click' amongst a sea of other meaningless 'clicks' that are necessitated by the already huge amount of UI issues.”

Some Clash of Clans forum members jumped in to defend Supercell however.

“Honestly, if people just spent a minute thinking before posting a rant on the forums without having half of the facts or using a smidgen of logic,” Aftershock416, a senior member of the Clash of Clans forums said. “SuperCell hasn't given us anything but a vague outline of the planned changes yet. Something, that I might add, is intended to IMPROVE the loot issues, not worsen them as you seem to automatically assume. I wouldn't be so quick to accuse others of crying, when you're doing the same thing, only with much less reason.”

The Clash of Clans subreddit has also been rife with strife in the days since the Town Hall 11 update, with memes criticizing Supercell showering the front page. In the thread about the new upcoming update bringing the Star Bonus, Treasury and Loot Cart, redditors were surprisingly upbeat and positive about the changes as compared to the Clash of Clans forum members (although not by much).

“The loot cart seems like a def (sic) bonus, but doesn't really matter if you win the defence or not,” /u/sk12345 said. “The daily rewards thing seems promising, hopefully it'll be worthwhile. Glad they did something about the loot, hopefully it's enough.”

"At a quick glance these all seem like good ways to inject more resources into the game's economy," /u/GoofTroop_PoopChute said. "The Loot Cart is basically free resources from Supercell. Same with the Star Bonus. The Treasury will be nice for saving up resources for a big upgrade."

However consider how quickly the Clash of Clans rating dropped in the iOS App Store after the Town Hall 11 update was released — Apple gauges review scores per update cycle, while the Android store average all ratings since an app was first introduced. The iOS App Store rating is back up to normal levels — it may be wise to circle back to the words of Kraven001.

“Punchline. SC doesn't make content. Game doesn't reward players or fund upgrades,” Kraven001 said. “SC lost sight of the average player and keeps doubling down on pointless game updates while they release commercial blasts to cover the bad publicity that we're still continuing to give them to this day.”

Speaking of commercials, Supercell recently released another new video in their True Tales of Clash Achievery series that features Christoph Waltz.

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