Clash of Clans: Skeleton Park Now Open in December 2022 Update

December 2022 Update
December 2022 Update Supercell Games

Tons of new exciting content await you in the latest major content patch for Clash of Clans. The December Update introduces a new district, a new set of defenses, and a new super troop. Let’s dive in, shall we?

New Content

The first major addition to the game, courtesy of the December 2022 Update, is the Skeleton Park. This is a new district that can be unlocked once you’ve reached Capital Hall Level 8.

Unlocking the Skeleton Park gives you access to additional content, such as the Inferno Dragon, Reflector, Mini-Minion Hive, and the new Graveyard spell.

The Inferno Dragon is a formidable troop because it can decimate an enemy the longer it attacks the same target. At Level 4, the Inferno Dragon’s beam attack can deal as much as 1,600 damage, which is incredibly insane!

Aside from that, the Reflector and the Mini-Minion Hive are two new defensive structures made available once you have the Skeleton Park unlocked.

The Mini-Minion Hive launches miniature minions that serve as damaging projectiles to the attacking enemy. What makes this a potent addition to your defense is that it has a pretty long range and it can attack both ground and air units.

The Reflector, as the name implies, is a new defensive structure in Clash of Clans that basically returns damage to the attacker. This is best used when fighting those sneaky archers because the Reflector does not have to see them; it just fires back whenever it receives damage.

And lastly, the new Graveyard spell is pretty overpowered. This spell can be cast anywhere on the map. So, how does it work? Well, any of your defeated troops within the spell’s area of effect will be reanimated into skeleton warriors to fight for you. The type of skeleton warriors depends on whether the defeated troop is an air or ground unit. Air units will respawn as air skeletons, while ground troops reanimate as ground skeletons.

Dig In with the New Super Miner

The empowered version of the regular miner called the Super Miner is now available via the December 2022 Update.

To unlock this new super troop, your Town Hall must be at least Level 13 and your Miner Level 7 or above.

Aside from dealing more damage than the regular Miner, the Super Miner leaves an explosive barrel when defeated. With 3,200 HP at max level, this new super troop is definitely one that you should consider getting if you want to bolster your assault team.

Clash of Clans December 2022 Update is available on Android and iOS.

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