Clash of Clans: New Recall Spell and Defensive Structures Added in Town Hall 15 Update

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The much-awaited Town Hall 15 Update for Clash of Clans is finally here. Aside from the new and improved Town Hall, new structures have been added that will bolster the players’ defenses against invaders.

New Defensive Structures

Players can build two new defensive structures in Clash of Clans, with the first one being the Spell Tower. The Spell Tower is unique because it allows players to choose which spell it casts while defending the base.

At Level 1, the Spell Tower is capable of casting the Rage spell to boost the movement speed and damage of nearby friendly units and heroes.

Upgrading to Level 2 unlocks the Poison Spell that the Spell Tower uses at nearby enemies to reduce their movement speed and attack speed, all while dealing damage over time when they’re in the toxic cloud.

And at Level 3, the Spell Tower can cast Invisibility, concealing nearby defensive units and buildings temporarily.

The second defensive structure featured in the Town Hall 15 Update is the Monolith. According to Supercell Games, this tower is so sinister that it is constructed and upgraded using Dark Elixir.

Anyway, the Monolith is quite effective against tanky units and heroes because it not only deals base damage per attack but also additional bonus percent damage based on its target’s max HP.

New Spell

Battles in Clash of Clans will never be the same again due to a new spell introduced in the Town Hall 15 Update. The spell in question is none other than the Recall spell.

Unlocked at Town Hall Level 13, the Recall spell allows players to remove units from the battlefield so that they can be redeployed elsewhere.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. The number of units that can be recalled at a time is determined by the Housing Space limit each level has. The recalled housing space limit is 72 at Level 1 and 90 at Level 4.

Furthermore, while players can use this spell on their troops, heroes, and hero pets, the housing space requirements vary depending on which one is recalled. For instance, heroes count as 25 Housing Spaces and hero pets count as 20 Housing Spaces.

And lastly, all redeployed units retain any damage dealt and status effects on them when they’re recalled, with the spell prioritizing units in order of higher Housing Space first.

So, what can you say about the new defensive structures? Do you think that the new Recall spell can change the tide of battle in Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans Town Hall 15 Update is available on Android and iOS.

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