Clash of Clans: What's in Store for Players in Town Hall 15 Update?

Town Hall 15 Update
Town Hall 15 Update Twitter/@ClashofClans

Supercell Games launched one of the biggest Town Hall updates for Clash of Clans yet. The Town Hall 15 Update is here and it features a lot of new things, including new pets, upgrades, and of course, a new and improved Town Hall. Read further to learn more.

Say Hello to the New Town Hall

New and Improved Town Hall
New and Improved Town Hall Supercell Games

The Town Hall is now upgradable to Level 15 in the latest update. The most important structure in Clash of Clans got a magical makeover, complete with a purple/gold color scheme and arcane symbols found in every nook and cranny.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Town Hall, you will need 18 million gold to start the process and it requires 15 days to complete. It can take some beating because of its 9,600 hit points and it’s also equipped with a Giga Inferno weapon, upgradable up to Level 5.

Once you have Town Hall 15, you’ll unlock numerous upgrades and levels for your buildings and heroes. The Barbarian King, for example, can now be leveled up to 85, increasing his hit points to 12,000 and improving his ability level to 17.

New Pets Ready for Battle

Pets complement your heroes in Clash of Clans, and in the Town Hall 15 Update, four new pets have been added to the roster.

Frosty is a chilly companion that can slow enemies down with its trusty icy breath. Hitchhiking balls of ice known as “Frostmites” will occasionally jump off and attack enemy defenses, slowing them down in the process.

A shy creature that should not be trifled with, Diggy will burrow underground and pop up to stun nearby enemies. Diggy is not ok with losing its master, so it will find and bond with a new hero if its original one is taken out of battle.

The Poison Lizard spits toxic chemicals to enemy units and heroes that can slow their movement and attack speeds down by a considerable degree. Don’t think for one second that it cannot attack structures because it is not afraid to assist its master in bringing buildings down if there are no units nearby.

The last pet in this update is the Phoenix. It would seem like an insignificant egg at first, but it will emerge as a fiery-feathered friend when her hero is about to get knocked out. The Phoenix can revive herself and her master under a temporary shield of invulnerability. When the shield expires, the hero gets knocked out but Phoenix continues to fight.

So, what can you say about Town Hall 15 Update for Clash of Clans?

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